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Eulogy for Rav Chaim Kanievsky: The Power of Torah

Why No Mention of Millions of Animals, Fish, Birds & Insects Swarming to Moshe's Class in the Desert?

1 hr 36 min

Showing a kosher grasshopper to Reb Chaim Kanievsky

Class Summary:

This weekly women's class was presented on Tuesday, Parshas Shmini, 19 Adar II, 5782, March 22, 2022, at Bais Medrash Ohr Chaim in Monsey, NY.

The class was dedicated to the recent passing of HaGaon Reb Chaim Kanievsky (1928-2022), on Friday, Shushan Purim, 5782, March 18, 2022, at his home in Bnei Brak, at the age of 94. The funeral on Sunday brought together some 750,000 mourners from all over the Holy Land.

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  • R

    Rafael -2 years ago

    the story in video

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  • B

    B. -2 years ago

    Thank you for the special, heartwarming, and uplifting shiur and eulogy about Harav Rav Chaim ztl” and the beautiful connection to this weeks parsha. AWESOME.

    The power of Torah and its relevance to each one of us was so enormously encouraging… I shared it with my yeshiva boy as well as my daughter who teaches limudei kodesh, they were amazed…

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  • T

    Tzivia -2 years ago

    What a wonderful shiur that you gave to the women WOW. And clearly explaining how Moshe Rabeinu actually showed each and every living thing who voluntarily came to him wow.
    And then connecting it to the great Niftar reb chaim of blessed memory.

    This was amazing. Gives you a diff level of appreciation for study of torah.

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  • C

    chaim -2 years ago

    Such a beautiful shiur. Reb Chaim was a walking Sefer Torah!

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  • D

    Dovid -2 years ago


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    • MC

      Moshe Cohen -2 years ago

      I had to use a browser that translated the link, but sadly it looks like Rabbi J has forgotten or rebuked his Chabad roots, and ready to give a eulogy to somebody who has supported someone who fought against the Lubavitcher Rebbe, I was taught in Yeshiva that Torah can save a person from anything besides embarrassing another Jew. Fighting and smearing the name of the Lubavitcher Rebbe ZT"L is so painful.

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      • Anonymous -2 years ago

        People can make mistakes; you need to understand the environment he lived in, and the people he was around. But everybody knows that under the leadership of Rav Shteinman and Reb Chaim zt"l the negative attitude to Chabad has been eliminated. Reb Chaim embraced all Jews, and did not differentiate.

        He received Chabad rabbis with joy and went to the hospital to visit a young Chabad wounded man, Shmulik Sharf.

        They also published this week the letter of the Rebbe's secretary, as the Rebbe was searching for Reb Chaim's sefer on Rambam, already in 1966. There is also the story of what the Rebbe told Reb Boruch Shimon Schneerson about Reb Chaim zt"l. And what Reb Chaim said about the Rebbe after he heard about the Rebbe finding a source to an unknown Rambam quoted in Noam Elimelech.

        Today is the time to unite Jew -- right before the Geulah, not to dig up old tragic mistakes.

        Everybody knows Reb Chain did not hate c"v any Jews; he was not the type. He was full of Torah and simple Ahavas Yisroel.

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        • MC

          Moshe cohen -2 years ago

          1. Did he apologize ? Is that not what we teach a 2 year old if you make a mistake you apologize?
          2. The fact that the chabad Rebbe was a greater person and said nice things about him does not have any indication that his behavior was acceptable, or chabad followers should emulate such a person, there are hundreds of not thousands of people who have given eulogy's for him,
          3. what beffals me is a chabad rabbi that can forgive somebody that has gone against his teacher, something that we know is not allowed, unless Rabbi J has denounced the Chabad Rebbe as his teacher 

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          • C

            chaim -2 years ago

            Why do you think Reb Yoel Kahan went to him and many other gedolim in chabad? Our job is to always bring unity.

            The Vilna Gaon made a ban on the Chassidim, but we know he meant well, and we move on, and we learn his sefarim, and the Rebbe mentioned him, very often and bright him as a source to learn nistar.

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          • ES

            Ephraim Schlisser -1 year ago

            We love your shiurim you are amazing. Have never looked at the comments till today..  

            This comment is pure loshan Hora as defined by the Chafetz Chaim any communication that is derogatory even the heter of al pi tlas is only le toelas. I assume the Ruv does not serve Ham in his house (see the parsha)....serving loshan Hara on your sight is much worse....the Ruv must filter the comments

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Shmini Women's Class

Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • March 22, 2022
  • |
  • 19 Adar II 5782
  • |

Dedicated by Liz and Michael Muschel in loving memory of her mother, Mrs. Shirley Levy a"h, Sorah Pessel bas R' Aryeh Leib, for the yartzeit, 22 Adar.

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