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The Lubavitcher Rebbe's View on the Security of Israel

The Tragic Mistakes Made by Israeli Leaders Leading to the October 7th Massacre

20 min

The Rebbe meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin in the Rebbe's office at 770 Eastern Parkway

Class Summary:

This talk by Rabbi YY Jacobson is an excerpt of a Yud Tes Kislev Farbrengen, which took place on Motzei Shabbos Parshas Vayishlach, 19 Kislev, 5784, December 2, 2023

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  • MY

    mendel yakovson -4 months ago

    saving a life with a goverment has nothing to do with shalosh shvos

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  • Anonymous -4 months ago

    Wow!! What an amazing Shiur...

    we are all rating for our brothers and sisters in isreal

    am yisroel chai

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  • Anonymous -4 months ago

    Such an awesome Message Rabbi. We are 100 percent for Israel and study Torah every day for many years but we are Gentiles. We love the Rebbe also and see he truly was a modern prophet of our times. We pray constantly for Israel. We owe the Jewish people so much. Especially eastern Jewry that died to give us Torah 

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  • ש

    שמואל -4 months ago

     ברור שהמדינה היא כנגד התורה בכל פרטיה ודוקדוקיה וחבל על הזמן לחשוב מה צריך לעשות והאיך ללחום ,וצריך לשום בטחונינו רק בה' שיגין אותנו. 

     פלא היא האיך שהרב יעקובסון שידוע לכל בגודל אהבתו לכל יהודי מסופק אם נטורי קרתא הם בכלל יהודים.... מעניין מאוד... והג' סימנים של יהודים בודאי נמצאים בכל הציונים והאפיקורסים כידוע... אין מי שיצחוק... נראה שלא כל יהודי מצוה לאהוב 

    מאת: מעריץ נלהב של הגאון הרב יעקובסון

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  • Anonymous -5 months ago

    Please run for prime minister in Israel


    v. st switz 

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  • Anonymous -5 months ago

    Hamas and Hezbolls are agents of Iran, therefore agents of עמלק. זכור את אשר עשה לך עמלק. The problem is that we have forgotten. 

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  • ED

    Eli Denderowicz -5 months ago

    חילך לאורייתא

    לכבוד הגאון הגדול הרב יוסף יצחק שליט"א

    חילך לאורייתא

    איך הרבי ז"ל היה צודק

    בברכה שתמשיך להפיץ דברו הקדושים


    אלי דנדרוביץ

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  • CB

    Chaim Bochner -5 months ago

    Rashi and our defence

    I hope as a Rabbi, you'll answer me. I respect you and your time and don't look for trouble. What bothers me is:

    When we talk about rachmonus, what do we mean? Not secular compassion, of course. Torah gives immunity and actually promises that we won't lose our compassion when we need to protect ourselves by eradicating evil.

    The question is Rabbi: Are we so sure that the Rashi you quoted is applicable in the time of exile? Maybe (most likely), he referred to the time of kibush and when Moshiach (now), will take us out of golus. I don't remember EVER hearing about the right, left, Rabbis supporting or boycotting, pre or post war gedolim, EVER condone the violence method of taking land and settlements. Again, I'm using rachmonus when we don't have immunity! If we're going into Anti Zionist territory, Israel doesn't belong to us yet; if we're contemplating Zionism, we can't be worse than the founders (in pre war Europe; note: ginzburg; achad haam), that we don't displace people!

    None of the gedolim then nor today agree on fire bombing, atrocities, and behaviour that represent animals rather than the huge side locked marzell, wanting to build the temple today and throw all Arabs in the sea!

    I did lots of reading and I'm sure you know what I'm referring to. I'm totally disgusted at Hamas and the entire Arab world. So, for much of the western world. This is: for blindly siding with terrorists and those trying to destroy us in every generation r"l. I'm not for: giving and providing strength when we as ehrluche yidden, show a lack of Torah rachmunus.

    Maybe you can help me out: The Bobover Rebbe, Reb Shlomo z"l, was banging on the table and screaming (not as his custom), when shomrim of Boro park beat a burglar to the point of serious chilul hashem. He screamed: "I wouldn't be able to see how one hits a kuf lamed beis". What did he mean and what did he not mean? He was quite vehemently opposed to Zionism; though moderated after 1948 and was upset at the way we think we have rights. As the current rebbe claims of his illustrious father: Ich bin a golus yid; I'm an exile Jew. We don't pick up our heads, neither in chutz learetz nor in eretz Yisroel.

    Our rebbe was not fanatical nor stupid either. He was known as very midrange and balanced in his views. He didn't pick up kanuois but didn't write off his father's anti Zionism nor the other gedolim he knew, including the litvish and Rashab. I know you hate when we quote him on the issue with EY but I don't see him being more lenient that the Bobover!!!

    The goal doesn't give impunity to the methods, was a cry from the first Bobover rebbe (beloved and admired by the holy divrei Chaim). Der tzil kashert nisht der mittel. The goal doesn't allow for a non Torah way regarding the actions.

    Please help me. But please, be honest. I'm here with you in sincere peace.

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    • Anonymous -5 months ago

      If somebody is coming to kill you kill him almost all palestineans can be referred to like that

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Hamas-Israel War: The Rebbe's Words

Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • December 17, 2023
  • |
  • 5 Tevet 5784
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