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Bringing Out the Absolute Best in Our Children

Raising Children With Self-Awareness, Attachment, Authenticity, and Egolessness

2 hr 55 min

Class Summary:

In honor of a recent "Kesher Nafshi" fundraiser, Rabbi YY Jacobson interviewed world-renowned therapist Rabbi Shimon Russell, author of "Raising a Loving Family." The interview took place on Sunday 9 Adar I, 5784, Feb 18, 2024.

The conversation between Rabbi Russell & Rabbi Jacobson explored how to raise a loving family in our times, how to educate, inspire, and mentor our children, providing them with their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs, so that they can grow up to be healthy, happy and inspired human-beings and Jews.

The conversation also focused on Crisis-Chinuch, dealing with struggling children of all ages. The conversation explored the duty and opportunity for parents to heal themselves and confront their own coping mechanisms and wounds so that they can show up for their children authentically and vulnerably, without using their children as tools to numb their own pain.

For more information about Kesher Nafshi which helps parents with struggling children, please go to: https://keshernafshi.org/

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  • VM

    Very moved -4 months ago

    One of the most beautiful conversations I ever saw

    so much respect , authenticy.... I was so touched 

    thank you for being examples of real introspection and work. 

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  • ER

    Emunah Rachel -4 months ago

    Chodesh Tov

    Shabbat Shalom 

    Oh my this has touched me so deeply

    I can only thank u.....such a precious precious shiur

    H-Shem is smiling a very bright Light for so lovingly sharing this subject with us

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  • E

    Eliyahu -4 months ago

    beautiful conversation.

    touches all the right parenting issues.

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  • Anonymous -4 months ago


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  • ד

    דוד -4 months ago

    המן לאחר הבירור

    . בתורה  נאמר שבחי' עמלק  צריך למחות לנצח  ולהשמדו  טוטאלית. איך ציווי זה ניהן  להתיישב  יחד עם מציאות של המן  שעובר בירור ?.  ב'שערי . \.אורה' שער הפורים   מוסבר בארוכה על בחינת המן לאחר הבירור. 

    ,  האם הס"א שהוא ,'מקור' הרע,

    ?האם אכן יש לו בירור =היינו תיקון

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