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When I Challenge My Restrictive Belief Systems, There Are Ripple Effects In the World

Viewing the Limits of Our Life as Pathways to Growth

1 hr 44 min

Class Summary:

This is the first of a series of text-based classes on a Chassidic discourse, B’chal Dor V’dor Chayav Adam, presented by the Lubavitcher Rebbe on 11 Nissan, 5734, April 3, 1974.

This class was presented on Monday, Parshas Tazria, 29 Adar lI, 5784, April 8, 2024, at Bais Medrash Ohr Chaim in Monsey, NY.

The first class explores four dimensions of the Egyptian Exodus: the first time it happened, the annual anniversary commemoration, the daily experience, and finally how it will be remembered after the coming of Moshiach.

The name for Egypt, Mitzrayim, means confinements and restrictions. It begins with the onset of the first “tzimtzum,” the empty space carved as a prerequisite for existence in which we can experience a self, outside of Divine infinite oneness. The tzimtzum is the moment when G-d conceals His infinite presence, allowing for the existence of the “other,” and it is the genesis of all limits and confinements, the belief that I am finite and alone.

Yet the purpose of it is for us to ultimately discover that the limits themselves were carved by G-d, and constitute your gateway to your ultimate growth.

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  • Anonymous -1 month ago

    Yetzias Mitzraim

    The exodus out of all boundaries came from HASHEM. HE took us out, we even say in the Haggadah ואילו לא הוציא הקב"ה את אבותינו וכו  So how can this be a role model to our lifes, where we have to go out of our personal Galus? It's not HASHEM that will take us out of it, it's our self work. 

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  • H

    Had -1 month ago

    "What's your biggest tzoris/problems"?

    Notice that we all have problems. We all have our mitzrayims. Even Kings, the richest,  e -presidents, eyc have problems. 

    Among each person's  problems there are greater and lesser problems..

    When a person focuses on his or her problems there will always be something to fret over, especially the biggest personal problem 

    But, when a person takes a broad, long range perspective, he can see that Hashem sends all problems as a test, as a challenge, to make us dig deep and utilize the wherewithal He gave us. Without any problems,  which never exists anyway, no one would be able to reach his potential 

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  • H

    Had -1 month ago

    This is a Pesach maamer. What's the connection

    Between clearing out whatever it was before tzimtzum to make room for and the posdobility of sending a kav of light to begin creation,  to pesach. (Apart from yetzias mitztrayim).?

    Notice we clear out all the chometz before pesach (akin to tzimtzum) and only after that do we begin to bring on creation (pesach food and kelim akin to the kav and then creation).

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  • H

    Had -1 month ago

    Hashem says "this I don't want"

    What's the opposite of love? Not hate, because with hate there is still a relationship,  even a powerful relationship.  The opportunity of love is indifference,  apathy. Like when the teen says "whatever".

    If Hashem says "this I don't want", a form of hate this shows that there is still a relationship,  even a strong relationship,  albeit not one of love. 

    Is Hashem apathetic or indifferent to anything? Does He say "whatever' like the teen. No. Can't be. He gives life to all. 

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  • H

    Had -1 month ago

    "Hashem says to evil, 'this I don't want'"

    Yet, without the yetzer Hora,  without evil,  etc., there would be no real possibility of the true exercise of free choice, which is the crucial pivotal point of the purpose of creation. 

    So, in essence Hashem does want it, He needs it to fulfill the purpose of creation.

    Humans now create robots with no free will.  When a robot does anything, it is not the exercise of free choice, it's just a sophisticated machine

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  • P

    Paula -1 month ago

    Welcome back

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Maamar B'chal Dor 5734 #1

Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • April 8, 2024
  • |
  • 29 Adar II 5784
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Dedicated by Menachem Abrams with heartfelt appreciation to TheYeshiva.net. For the invaluable learning, spiritual development, and inspiration offered to our Jewish community worldwide. May we all go strength to strength!

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