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Torah Or Hinei Avrom #1: Reaching Higher By Descending Lower

Torah Or Lech Lecha Maamar Hinei Avrom Part 1 of 2

51 min

Class Summary:

Torah Or Lech Lecha -- Hinei Avrom. Reaching Higher By Descending Lower

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  • C

    chaia -10 years ago

    Very nice class
    Rabbi Paltiel,Very nice class!

    I watched few days ago another class from you

    It was talking about that the neshamos in Gan Eden (before coming to this world) they experience intelectual comprehension  of Totah and then after the avoida during tin this world (after 120)they goto Gan Eden to exprerience the delight ,the epleasure of these mitzvos, learning, (also for the kavana)

    Which maimer (class ) was this? I would like to watch it again

    thank you

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  • K

    Kayo -10 years ago

    Descent of Yaacob Avinu

    What is the reason for 70 Jews descending to Mitzraim?



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  • DB

    David Benveniste,HaLevy,Tsfat -10 years ago

    A "Home" Run

    Or If a Jew doesn't look into the eyes of another Jew and not see Hashem's lovingkindness...Lech Lecha.

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Yossi Paltiel

  • October 5, 2013
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  • 1 Cheshvan 5774
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