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Basi L'gani 5735 -- Shiur 3

How Holy Insanity Evolves Over Generations -- Art by www.moullyart.com

1 hr 27 min


Class Summary:

The purpose of prayer, indeed of all of existence, is to align the details and fragments of your life with oneness; to anchor your fluctuations in that which never changes; to infuse sanity with insanity; to elevate your mind into the suprarational. This section of the maamar explains the story of the sages dancing with haddasim at weddings. Three generations of sages reflected the evolution of the experience of radical transcendence in a diverse reality.

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    levi -9 years ago

    Dear Rabbi Jacobson I really enjoy your classes and I always download them for listening to at a later time.
    recently the audio files have been really large. would it please be possible to place smaller sized files?
    thank you.

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