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Basi L'Gani 5735 - Shiur 4 (Final)

Three Generations, Three Paradigms

1 hr 6 min

Class Summary:

This is the final class in the series on Basi Legani 5735. It explores how the essence of Judaism--connecting all fragments of our lives with the core and truth of all reality--evolved over three generations, and how it evolves in the daily life of the Jew, as he or she travels from the world of prayer to the world of study and then the world of business.

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  • MH

    M H -8 years ago

    this is the first year i've learned all of the basi legani maamarim! thank you Rabbi Jacobson for your clear and meaningful classes! I have ספר המאמרים באתי לגני & i'm wondering why it's different from the קובץ. For example, in the sefer the paragraph about ואתם נצבים is at the beginning of אות ו. Do you know why there are differences? Thank you!

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