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What Assimilation Could Not Destroy

The Extraordinary Story of Jewish Philanthropy; Why Are Many Youths Leaving Judaism?

47 min

Class Summary:

Already our Biblical forefathers in the desert, notwithstanding all of their rebellions and complaining, knew how to be generous. As a matter of fact sometimes they even gave blindly and to contradicting causes. The Talmud expresses this in amazement: “What is the peculiar nature of this people? When asked to contribute to the Golden Calf, they gave, and when asked to donate to the building of the Sanctuary they also gave!” Some people are compulsive gamblers, Jews are compulsive givers. One of the most striking characteristics of the Jewish people is that by nature we give charity. This is not only a religious virtue and charity for religious institutions—Jews support endless organizations: Organizations devoted to world peace, to a greener environment, fighting cruelty to animals, saving the whales, the Democratic Party, the UN, and countless hospitals and universities. Where did we get the genes to give so much charity? From our father Abraham, the quintessential man of love and kindness. Jacob gave us the talent to study Torah, Isaac—to work on ourselves, pray, and grow inwardly, but Abraham taught us how to love and give." A Talmudic statement alludes to a fascinating fact: even at the end of days, as the generations progress and grow spiritually and intellectually weaker, Jews will continue to give. This class will explore how today—more than Isaac and Jacob—Jews are characterized most by the ‘genetic’ influence of Abraham. This is also our modern mission more than anything else, to emulate his example and learn how to love and accept each other.

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  • R

    RICARDO -11 years ago

    Un excelente mensaje para padres, maestros y educadore; e incluso para los líderes, a fin de aplicar respecto de sus dirigidos.

    Muchas Gracias por este material tan preciado.

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  • NS

    Nachman Sanowicz -11 years ago

    Chinuch Chinuch is a good start and maybe the whole job
    The Rebbe said many times that Chinuch is like an investment as much that you invest you take out..

    You have to do the homework with your children everyday no exception.

    The children must have a geshmak in what they learn so when they grow up they in turn instead of all the Junk out there they will spent their time in gemoro halacha chasiddus vechulu.

    Parents must lead by example if the Father has a kviuus itim (Learns every day at a set time) the children have to whom to look up and they will in turn have Kvius Itim if the Parents look to invite guest and help unfortunate ones  the children will follow.

    Above is the basics.

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  • C

    Cecilia -11 years ago

    Excelente la charla y las distintas miradas de un mismo párrafo,

    Es un gran aliento para los jóvenes que a veces se sienten confundidos, que comprendan

    la realidad de lo que realmente están buscando, ser baalei teshuvá.

    Muy buena enseñanza de la parshá!

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  • N

    Natan -11 years ago

    Buena clase!

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  • S

    Shliach -11 years ago

    Thank you
    What a powerful Shiur. Thank you

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Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • October 11, 2010
  • |
  • 3 Cheshvan 5771
  • |
Dedicated by David and Eda Schottenstein in the loving memory of: Alta Shula Swerdlov And in merit of Yetta Alta Shula, "Aliya," Schotenstein

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