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Two Ways of Dealing With the New World -- Nostalgia and Transformation

Jewish history is about sharing the story of our past with our children, but what do you do when your children don't relate to the story?

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Two Ways of Dealing With the New World -- Nostalgia and Transformation. Jewish history is about sharing the story of our past with our children, but what do you do when your children don't relate to the story?

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  • B

    Bentzy -7 years ago

    Great class

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  • M

    Misha -11 years ago

    To Eitan
    Eitan the article is from 2012. has nothing to do with Boston this week

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  • E

    Eitan -11 years ago

    I'm not sure whether this relates to the Boston attack
    The events unfolding in Boston this week have been absolutely heart-wrenching and terrifying. You state in the article: "We have all seen this week the effects of indoctrinating people that you can be religious and then blow people...to pieces." Though your point may be true generally concerning religious radicalism and radical Islam in particular, we have yet to pinpoint a particular motive of the perpetrators of these heinous acts.

    Though the reference to the Boston attack makes for a headline grabber, I think it may be too early or perhaps inappropriate to append this fresh wound of an incident as a tag-line to a previously published article.

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  • MB

    muy bueno -11 years ago

    muy bueno
    Muy lindo!

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  • S

    shloime -11 years ago

    no para publicar. Casi alfinal nombra a un historiador, guershon sholem, en castellano agregaron Rabi, creo que hay sacar la palabra rabi. como se muy lindo como siempre

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  • IA

    In awe -11 years ago

    Wow! Rabbi what a beautiful message to us in exile! To write our own song based on our heritage!

    I never heard expressed so lucidly so clearly so practically. What an inspiration you are. 

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  • LK

    Lawrence Kulak -12 years ago

    sinning within the permitted
    I believe that there is a Sefer - not sure called Sefer Hasidim in which it regards 'sinning within the permitted' as the worst sins of all and the cause of many unfortunate maladies.  Some Rabbis  in Israel a few years ago blamed some of Israel's troubles on the abuse of marital intimacy.

    We see the gotesque manifestations of this 'plague'  - which is accurately characterized as such because there is no specific halachic deterrence for it - in many forms and in many degrees.  The worst form is the intentional and conscious one which we see in the form of kiddush clubs and those who smoke on Yom Tov and in the waning minutes before Shabbos (instead of reaping the great schar of preparing for Shabbos right before Shabbos).  Most, however, are guilty of this trespass on the generalized commandment to "be  holy" by demonstrating lack of middos.  I'm talking about Hasidim in Boro Park mostly who have little qualms about walking into a shul while on a cell phone (or being on it during davening as well);  Hasidim also mostly in Boro Park who think that they are increasing their own values by refusing to acknowledge a different type of Yid when he is walking down the street (and would rather gaze down at their blackberries) or refusing to move properly to the side to permit somebody to comfortably pass;  Ladies again mostly in Boro Park who shlepp their double carriages down narrow aisles in pizza parlors and do not warn the people standing in them that a vehicle is about to pass perilously close to their ankles;  Hasidim - again mostly in Boro Park - who subject pedestrians to loud horn honking which they themselves cannot hear while venting their frustrations about not being able to move rapidly enough in their air conditioned SUV's;  Photographers at certain events - now I am talking about Lubavitch mostly - who seemingly deny that life exists in the present by snapping untold amount of flash pictures in your face and reducing your enjoyment for their profit (this is a form of ganeiva);  Ayway, I thank you YY giving ME the opportunity to vent.

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  • A

    Anonymous -12 years ago

    Perfect topic for our times, as I KNOW so many who "present" themselves as elite in frumkeit, i.e., Rosh Yeshiva; appropriately dressed and give tzedaka and very yeshivish - however, what the public doesn't know about both of these [noted above] is that they are far from being "kadosh", for they have ruined the life of their sister [the former] and the cousin [the later] - the same individual, either working in tandem or out of pure ta'avah for monetary gain from a family business.... and now, the sister/cousin is banned from speaking to her own children and seeing her grandchildren; she's spoken of as "a crazy person", when it's THEM, who are the crazy and degenerate ones - whose brother actually did a criminal act and whose husband visits prostitutes and does drugs when he flies south. This siter/cousin is the epitome of an Eishet Chayil, a truly neshama tehorah, ba'alat chesed, ba'alt rachamim... all she wants is shalom bayis with her children and grandchildren, for the EMES to come out from all these deceptions and lies... "tzedek tzedek tirdof"... she suffers emotionally, physically & spiritually for what her immediate family and relatives are doing to her. There was absolutely no "reason" for any of this, NONE WHATSOEVER! She is the sweetest neshama one can imagine. THIS IS TRUE HYPOCRACY OF TRUE DEGRADATION ON THE PART OF THE MEN [BROTHER, HUSBAND] AND EVEN THE COUSIN [FEMALE], as she pretends to be a most tziniyus woman, but she lacks a milimeter of compassion to what she is causing her cousin.... there are many of the "next generation", also involved, who see how the elders behave and are learning from them the HYPOCRACY WAY OF YIDDISHKEIT. IT'S SICK, NAUSEATING! I pray that HKB"H will show his infinite mercy to this woman and pass his DIN V'CHESHBON ON THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN ABUSING HER IN EVERY SENSE OF THAT WORD... PAST & PRESENT! AND MAY IS HAPPEN BIMHEIRAH!

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  • U

    Uzi -12 years ago

    Unfortunately too true
    I know a few of the type Rabbi Jacobson described in Religious But Vulgar.  I described someone in my community that he would stand near someone dying in the desert of thirst with a cup of water in his hand and after that individual dies of thirst he would toss the cup near the now dead man and arrogantly walkaway.

    May Hashem protect us from such individuals.

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  • AY

    Alex Y -12 years ago

    what a subject
    Yeah, my dear Rabbi.

    You did it again!

    Thank you!

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  • C

    CRB -12 years ago


    I felt compelled to comment on this one.  Hypocracy of the degraded type that you describe in your article is not be confused with the struggles of an average human being who wants to be good and wants to be Torah observant but is... an average human being, thus failing at times, showing faults of personality, moods and inconsistencies.  There seems to be a large contingent in the secular world as well as in the once-frum-gone-modern world which tends to focus on the frum Jew with a fine toothed comb (which is also very sharp) and with a great deal of self righteousness in pointing out any fault and very often creating a fault where there was none.  In my observation, this is done either to find someone to victimize to create an 'us' against 'them' bond or to try to defensively justify their departure from Torah observance into a life style which they are not so comfortable about inside.  Nowadays, hanging on to a life that is in accordance with the Torah- including the 'levush'-  is so difficult because it is not at all popular and those that (with all their faults) stick tenaciously, even stubbornly, to it at risk of being called intolerant at best, deserve so much credit and respect.  The article, although true in and of itself, in the context of our times, appears to be pandering to the sort of person that is looking for a religious Jew to hate.  This effect is not really mitigated by the last paragraph of the article.  People who are estranged on any level from religious life should first be taught, as Chassidus directs, to make judgements from an intellectual base rather than emotional (which seems tio be what fuels every initiative today in the world at large- at very great cost) before they will be able to distinguish a true hypocrite from the imaginary one.  Thank you for reading the above megillah.   

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  • AA

    Aron Amzalak,Sydney -13 years ago

    Verse 14 you quoted you saidsichel should be sikil with a Kaf an not Chaf

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  • A

    Admin -13 years ago

    To June
    Please give us your email and we will add you to the list. You can still watch the webcast, it is on the home page, right above these comments.

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  • KT

    Kayo, Tokyo -13 years ago

    Baruch HaShem

    It is such bitter taste to witness experimental Judaisms that lack foundation of Torah and Mitzvot, such as female rabbi, conversions without commitment to Torah value and Mitzvot.
    I am so drawn by the diary of Previous Rebbe, talking about the memories with his father. Hayom Yom (at Chabad.org) is one of my most favorit daily sweets.

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  • JR

    june rudolph -13 years ago

    I would like to be on Rabbi Jacobsons email list. It would have been nice to hear his webcase tonight, bu I didn't know how to do it. Can U still hear it somehow?

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