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Guarding Your Seed of Eternity

The Jewish Perspective on How to Respect the Procreative Seed of Life

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Guarding Your Seed of Eternity: The Jewish Perspective on How to Respect the Procreative Seed of Life


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  • SM

    Shaya Mintz -7 years ago

    Beautiful and deep. Rabbi YY, your shiurim are delivered with reverence of Hashem and are enjoyed like sweet cold water quenching the thirsty. Thank you. Shaya

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  • M

    mmg613 -9 years ago

    Shalom aleichem rav, I was just listening
    to your shiur labeled guarding your seed The rav said that someone asked the rebbe how come the sons of Yakov Aveinu carried his coffin if the minhag is not to due to what it says in kabbalah about the spiritual children who also follow the coffin. Which the rebbe answered that rash says that when yakov told revenue that your are "reishes aonie" means that reuven was the first emission that yakov experienced that's why his sons were able to hold/follow the coffin. My question is, it took Rachel eimanu years to conceive a child so obviously yakov emitted seed which did not end in childbirth,so what happened to all of those unborn spiritual children? Why were his sons allowed to follow the coffin?
    Answer by rabbi jacobson:
    The shuir on Vayechi?
    When a husband is living with his wife, even if no children result from their union, it is still a mitzvah and a holy act. Intimacy between a husband and a wife, where the sees of life is not wasted, is a sacred act according to Judaism. Even couples who are infertile may be together, and of course couples who are after the age of giving birth. Same with couples during pregnancy and the like. I hope it is clearer now.

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  • Y

    Yankel -10 years ago

    Important and timely
    This is very timely and helpful for me.

    Thank you so much rabbi Jacobson.

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  • DB

    David Benveniste,HaLevy,Tsfat -10 years ago

    The Rebbe Is Truth
    I once was told by my doctor to go to the ER in Tsfat.I brought the book with the sicha of the Rebbe 'Yaacov Didn't Die' from 1991,because I didn't know if they would admit me to the hospital.I was. A young married Litvishe man was in the next bed. He asked me if I'm Chabad,then said "your Rebbe is dead." That night he asked me what I was reading,then asked me to read him a little.After two minutes he said "wow!" After five more minutes he said " It's the most beautiful thing he ever heard" After one and a half hours until it finished he thanked me profusely. The next morning before I left,I apologized for being to aggresive in my beliefs about the Rebbe's status.He said.." No,no NO!" He then stood up , raised his fist up and shouted " Yechi Adenenu Rabenu V'Rabenu Melech Ha Moshich LeOlam Voed!" I have a witness whowas in the third bed,a young "gingie" Irish Israeli soldier,who lives in Kadita and is a neighbor of my long time friend who I gave his Bar Mitvah in 1993 in Bet Chabad Tsfat.-Dovid Benveniste,

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  • CS

    chana sharfstein -10 years ago

    Lecture of rabbi YY Jacobson
    It always amazes me how the parsha of Vayechi parallels the life of my Father, Rabbi Yacov Yisroel Zuber OBM whose Yahrzeit is commemorated at this time 14th day of Teves.I He was sent as a young man in his early '30's to Sweden where my siblings and i were raised. Your discussion on Menashe and Ephraim, on the importance on memory, on attching ourselves to the past. a regarding  Epraim, redeveloping yiddishkeit in strange surroundings, rebuilding and reawakening in "barren" territory. And this lecture that Yacov never died as he is alive in his offspring. My Father replanted our small family to the United States where today B'li Ayin Horah, there are more than 500 offspring, wonderrful productive members of our Chassidic beautiful world. The children grandchildren, great grandchildren and the great great grandchildren hopefully will continue to follow in his footsteps to demonstrate that Yacov is alive. Tragically my Father lost his life in a brutal criminal act in Boston when he was only in his mid-fifties, but he instilled in his children while raising them in Sweden with the deep love and understanding ot being chassidic offspring. This could only have been accomplished with the blessings of the Frierdike Rebbe who sent him to Stockholm, Sweden as his Shliach. Although his life was cut short,he lives on in the worthwhile lives of his offspring. May his life continue to always be an inspiration and blessing or us all..

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Class Vayechi

Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • January 2, 2012
  • |
  • 7 Tevet 5772
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Dedicated by David and Eda Schottenstein in the loving memory of Alta Shula Swerdlov And in the merit of Yetta Alta Shula,"Aliya," Schottenstein

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