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Torah Or Shemos Mi Sam Peh: Why Did Moses Stutter?

Maamar "Vayomer Hashem Eilav Mi Sam Peh L'Adam": Souls Transported From Another World

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Why Did Moses Stutter? Torah Or Maamar "Vayomer Hashem Eilav": Souls Transported From Another World

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  • SR

    Shaya raskin -1 year ago

       To the poetic comment below

      Please show me inside where this is from?  Sounds very Rebbeish, but nothing personal, would love your sources

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  • P

    pinchas -4 years ago

    Heard today from Rabbi YY Jacobson:


    The objective of life is to stop speaking and start singing

    The more silence, the more communication

    The word that comes from silence is the most powerful

    Moses couldn’t speak  because he was always in a state of awe 

              The person who couldn’t speak [ Moses]  authored the book of the Torah 

    called “words”-   Devarim

    A true pause is the silence that allows for real absorption

             Shabbos is the pause of the week

    Active silence is when no one speaks and everyone listens

    The closer to the source, the more silence

    The term “Jew” means a person who can:

                                                        Dance uninhibitedly while sitting in one place

                                                        Scream while silent

                                                        Be alone even among a thousand people 

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  • M

    Michal -10 years ago

    Yasher Koach
    Wow! I am speechless.  Beautiful...just beautiful.  Thank you Rabbi Paltiel and thanks to the staff at the Yeshiva. net. 

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  • C

    Chaya -10 years ago

    Wonderful shiur
    Another wondeful enlightening shiur. Thank you so much!

    re: Einstein

    Anyone who hates fashion with a passion is a very worthwhile person:)

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  • D

    DBenveniste,Tsfat -10 years ago

    To:YY Re:Professor Einstein

    In 1913 or so when he was a professor,when my Omi was 13 and her father was minister of finance for Germany, Albert and his first wife were regular Friday night guests at the table.He also supported himself by tutoring my Omi in math. Omi said Albert had a great sense of humor.,was extraordinarily frugal and hated fashion with a passion.

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  • DB

    Dovid Benveniste,Tsfat -11 years ago

    Dear Rv.Jacobson...My mom's first cousin was Sigmond Freud...

    would you like a synopsis or the ganze meiser??

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  • DB

    Dovid Benveniste,Tsfat -11 years ago

    Re:Professor Einstein

    Yes.My grandmother's father was the minister of finance from Germany , and ambassador to Russia under Kaiser Wilhelm II,and the inventor of the safety device for dynamite.When Albert was a professor,he tutored my grandmother in math,(approx.1912-1913)and was a weekly Friday night guest at their home Schloss Schwante in the 9th district.of Berlin    http://de.wikipedia.org/wik... which is now a hospital.,I believe. My German is terrible){I don't know to what extent Friday night included any Shabbat rituals,if any.

    Apparently the person who wrote the text in the Wikipedia chose to ignore his ownership for whatever reason,but I have volumes of pictures .and it is verfied here in the      http://www.ifz-muenchen.de/... His name was Paul Litwin,and wrote the treaty of 1918,temporarily ending the war between Russia and Germany .

    The two main qualities she conveyed to me was Professor Einstein's sense of humor,and his frugality to the extreme.He would not give his wife Mileva money to buy a new hat after ten years,unless it had holes and didn't keep her head warm! He hated fashion dictates.,including wearing sox. But,like the Rebbe,is known for his remarkable sense of humor.

    Hope this helps enlighten you as to his remarkable personality .

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  • G

    german -11 years ago

    hola te quisiera agredecerpor este articulo mejor dicho por la pagina que la sigan haciendo es muy muy buena

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  • B

    Benveniste -12 years ago


    It was my grandmother's private math tutor,Professor Albert Einstein,who didn't speak until five,and when asked exclaimed.."because I had nothing to say."

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    • A

      Anonymous -11 years ago

      Re: Einstein
      Einstein was the tutor of your grandmother? Can you share with us more about that?

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  • K

    Kayo -13 years ago

    The reason I take this class
    Baruch HaShem

    Thank you for teaching us the depth of the matter.

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  • YK

    y kutner -13 years ago


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  • A

    aryeh -13 years ago

    unbelievable shiur!!!
    thank you

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  • BZ

    ben zvi -13 years ago

    thank you
    why did he need aharon with him?

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