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The Subconscious Sin

Why Are We Guilty for Unintentional Sins? Four Perspectives

1 hr 53 min

Rabbi Shmuel Bornstien, the Shem Mishmuel (right), and Dr. Sigmund Freud

Class Summary:

One set of sacrifices, set out in detail in the portion of Vayikra is the “chatas,” the “sin offering,” which was offered for an inadvertent transgression. But why should unintentional sins require atonement? What guilt is involved? The sinner did not mean to sin. Had the offender known the facts and the law at the time, he would not have done what he did. Why then does he have to undergo a process of atonement? The class explores four perspectives, which present the Torah’s approach to the moral life and the human soul. It culminates with a penetrating insight into the Torah’s appreciation of the subconscious personality and its impact on our behavior. The “Freudian Slip” originates in Vayikra.

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    Avremal -9 years ago

    Kimdumani the name of the son of Dovid Hamelech sheloi mays elo mishum etyon shel nochos ,is pronounced Kilav.

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Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • March 15, 2015
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  • 24 Adar 5775
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Dedicated in the loving memory of Nadiv Dovber ben Uzi Kehaty

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