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Torah Or Vayeishev Maamar B’chaf Hay B’Kislev #1

Understanding Sacrifices #1

1 hr 7 min

Class Summary:

This is the first of four classes on a Ma'amar of Chanukkah, the ma'amar will explore four ideas in the sequence of the Korbon brought daily in the beis HaMikdash: 1) sprinkling the blood, 2) lighting the Menorah (at least part of it), 3) Offering up the incense, 4) Sacrificing he aforementioned korban, This class explores the spiritual significance of the second and third part.

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    Yossi Paltiel

    • December 16, 2014
    • |
    • 24 Kislev 5775
    • |

    Dedicated by The Chanin Fund and by Factor Funding

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