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Burning the Chametz: A Talmudic and Spiritual Analysis

Do I Have to Purchase Chametz to Fulfill the Mitzvah of Destroying It? Do I Need to Struggle In Order to Serve G-d?

1 hr 12 min

Class Summary:

The class explores the famous question of the Minchas Chinuch (By Rabbi Yosef Bavad), if the mitzvah the eliminate chametz before Pesach is fulfilled through the active action of destroying chametz, or perhaps via the passive reality of not having chametz. The class discusses the ramifications of this in Halacha, and then explains both perspectives from a spiritual point of view. The two views represents two paths in the service of G-d.

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    AronP -8 years ago

    I just finished listening and learning your shiur on תשביתו mamash gevaldik , yasher koach!

    2 הערות:

    1.The vort of the chasam sofer on matza being made davka from dvorim habaim lidei chimutz is NOT from the Chasam Sofer, rather from his grandson as מש"מ = מספר שיר מעון - hagoan R Shimon Sofer rav of Erlau. Many people mistakenly quote his chidushim as that of the Chasam Sofer. The vort itself is not his original chidush as it is already mentioned in sifrei gedlolei chasidus – אוהב ישראל בליקוטים חדשים and נועם מגדים פרשת שמיני .

    2.The shtikel in Tanya on עשה לי מטעמים is enlightening mamash….it occurred to me that Yitzchok avinu said this in regard to the seder nite as is mentioned in chazal so it fits in gevaldik that on seder nite the avoda is with matza davka הבא לידי חימוץ which is the ultimate עשה לי מטעמים!

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Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • March 22, 2015
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  • 2 Nisan 5775
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Dedicated by David Pisarevsky, in honor of my wife Pascale Sasson Pisarevsky, for our anniversary.

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