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3 Names of Pesach -- 3 Steps Toward Self Transformation: Likkutei Sichos Pesach

Self Abnegation, Self Actualization, and Rebirth

1 hr 42 min

Class Summary:

self-abnegation, self actualization, and rebirth The Torah calls it “The Festival of Matzot.” Twenty-two generations later, when the hundred and twenty members of the “Great Assembly” formulated a text for the daily and seasonal prayers, they added the name, “Season of our Freedom.” Ultimately, however, the festival came to be called by the sages of the Talmud and everyone else by yet a third name—“Passover.” Why the three names? What do they represent? In truth, these three names reflect the three step program toward freedom.


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    Rabbi YY Jacobson

    • March 29, 2015
    • |
    • 9 Nisan 5775
    • |
    Dedicated by David Pisarevsky in loving memory of Yaakov, 5, Sarah, 6, Moshe, 8,Yehoshua, 10, Rivka, 11, Dovid, 12 and Eliana, 16 -- Sassoon, and for the complete and speedy recovery of their mother Gilah bas Frances and her daughter Tziporah bas Gilah.

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