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Can Man and Woman Really Become One?

Discovering the Feminine in the Masculine & the Masculine in the Feminine

1 hr 8 min

Class Summary:

This class, present to women (in 5773, 2013), explains the Talmudic dictum that when a women generates a flow first, a boy is born; when a man generates the flow first, a girl is born. This class, based on a discourse by the Alter Rebbe, dissects the secret to intimacy between woman and man, by each of them discovering the opposite gender within themselves.

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  • Anonymous -2 years ago

    i just listened to the class, and was wondering if we can take it literally, when trying to concieve a specific gender. 

    also what if the womans flow, (orgasm) doesnt come at all?

    conceptually it was a great class. thank you!

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  • SL

    Shua L -9 years ago

    I am fairly certain the woman's "flow" here refers to her ovulation and not her orgasm. Two very different things. Amazing shiur.

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    • Anonymous -6 years ago

      The above is actually not accurate.

      See nidah (last line of 31a  continues on 31b) which from there it is clear that the flow of the woman means her orgasm.

      And also scientifically in order to become pregnant the ovulation must take place before the intimacy takes place. So it is impossible for the woman's flow to mean ovulation Because it must happen first. (There's no if).

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Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • April 19, 2015
  • |
  • 30 Nisan 5775
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Dedicated by David Schottenstein in honor of his wife Eda

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