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The Morrow of the Shabbos: The Dispute Between the Tzedukim and Chazal

The Views of Rabbi Meir Don Plotzky, Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak Kook & the Lubavitcher Rebbe

1 hr 56 min

Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak Kook (left), and Rabbi Meir Don Plotzky

Class Summary:

During the Second Temple Period, a fierce controversy raged concerning the date for bringing the springtime offering of barley, called the Omer. (An omer is a measure of volume, around 86 ounces; this was the amount of barley flour baked and then brought in the Temple as a meal offering.) The verse says the Omer is to be offered "on the day after the Shabbos," but which Shabbos? According to the Oral Tradition, this 'Shabbos' is the first day of the Passover holiday. The Boethusians rejected this tradition.

What was the underlying argument between the Boethusians and the Sages? The class explores the views of three giants of the past century. It comes down to the question, can man really touch and embrace the Divine?


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  • M

    Mordechai -1 year ago

    B'H'  Rabbi please don't pay attention to whoever saud you speak too loud, In my opinion you speak loud and clear, I love it. My other teacher on line whose name I won't mention speaks so low I most of the time deel frustrated because I find it hard to follow his class.

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  • L

    Lynne -6 years ago

    If the Omer count is started on the day after The Pesach and it’s 2 days hootz laaretz, when do they start in Eretz Yisrael?
    If they start to count when their Chol Hamoed begins isn’t their count a day ahead of anywhere outside Retz Yisrael

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    • RY

      Rabbi YY -6 years ago

      The counting of the Omer begins everywhere on the second day of Passover, no matter if it is Yom Tov or Chol Hamoed. It always begins on the 16th of Nissan.


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  • Y

    yaakov -6 years ago

    their mistake about ketores

    I also recently heard the shiur about the morrow of Shabbos and saw a comment that touched upon the tzidokim's argument about the ketores on Yom Kipur, please allow me to share another thought from הרה"ג רב מרדכי זילבער שליט"א;

    The tzidokim saw service of Hashem as reward based not as an opportunity to develop a relationship of oneness with Hashem and therefore couldn't fathom שלא על מנת לקבל פרס. In the same vein they couldn't fathom עבודה in the קודש הקדשים. (and held that the ketores must be placed on the fire outside the kodesh hakadashim) The קודש הקדשים represents עולם הבא a place that completely defied our physical world. עולם הבא in the minds of the tzidokim can only be a place of reward and in their minds reward means payment. Therefore it is not at all a place of service the job is done now get your reward. But if שכר is closeness and oneness to Hashem (שכר מצוה מצוה) than even in עולם הבא one can "serve" Hashem by becoming ever more one through עבודה, and it is therefore appropriate to put the ketores on the fire even in the קודש הקדשים.

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  • AY

    A Yid -8 years ago

    A related excellent analysis of some of these themes.

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  • YH

    Yonah Heidings -9 years ago

    If its human creativity..than what is the definition of ruach hakodesh? Surely, the men of the second temple period were holy people who had ruach hakodesh? Divinely inspired...is that still a product of man?

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  • Y

    Yosef -9 years ago

    It occurred to me this afternoon that the explanations you gave re the fundamental underlying diff between the צדוקים and the פרושים could also explain the מחלוקת as to when the קטרת was put on the גחלים. The צדוקים felt that it should be put on outside the ק״ק so that he should enter in a cloud of thick smoke, not having a chance to get even a glimpse of the ultimate קדושה. The פרושים felt that even as a physical person the כ״ג could attach himself however briefly to the spiritual at least by sight before the ק״ק clouds up

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Sefirah/Shavuos Class

Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • April 26, 2015
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  • 7 Iyyar 5775
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In honor of Shmaya Avram ben Zelda, for a complete and speedy recovery.
To my beloved son Daniel Yevseyevich, for your 16th birthday. May you always carry the light of Torah inside. By your father Alex.
Dedicated by Rivkah Saks in memory of her mother Alta bas Yosef, for the first yartzeit. And in honor of her father, may he live many, many more healthy years, with strength, happiness and nachas! Reb Faivel Leib ben Frayda Yita.

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