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When Manipulative Intentions Corrode a Holy Act

Why Did Yehoshua and Kalev Disobey Moshe's Instructions to Bring Fruits?

Class Summary:

Why did Joshua and Caleb disobey Moshe's instruction to bring back fruits from the Promised Land? In this class, presented to women, Shlach 5773 (June 2013), Rabbi Jacobson analyzes different ways of understanding the nature of Moshe’s instruction, the difference between the Talmud’s interpretation and the way Rashi explains it in Chumash. We ultimately discover how the manipulative intentions behind an otherwise kosher action can contaminate and undermine it completely.

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    Rabbi YY Jacobson

    • June 7, 2015
    • |
    • 20 Sivan 5775
    • |
    Dedicated by David Schottenstein in honor of his wife Eda

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