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The Hero of the Tanya: The Banuni

The Revolutionary Approach of the Alter Rebbe to the Purpose of Creation

1 hr 8 min

Class Summary:

The Hero of the Tanya: The Banuni - The Revolutionary Approach of the Alter Rebbe to Serving G-d and Understanding the Purpose of Creation. Lecture at Klurman Mesivta High School & Yeshiva Gedolah of Miami Beach

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  • Anonymous -6 years ago


    ב"ה .

    מזה 10שנים לומד תניא קדישה.

    וטוב שלא שמעתי את השיעור הזה לפני כן

    אחרת לא הייתי לומד מתוך הספר כלל אך ורק לשמוע את השיעור הזה כי זה כל התניא.

    יישר כח גדול.

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  • C

    cz -10 years ago

    Just when I think that you cannot get any better deeper you go and outdo ever your best self. This is such a brilliant introduction to the understanding of oneself touching the deepest recesses of the heart and brings a person to tears.Listening to this in the early morning was a wonderful preparation to davening on a Thursday morning. Thank you! Thank you! 

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  • T

    tshuva -11 years ago

    thoughts and feelings
    is thought and feeling not one of the same,,, feelings lead to thoughts,, thoughts lead to feelings.?

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  • Y

    Yisroel -11 years ago

    the song Achen Atah
    I've heard this vort from you several times, and now again in your talk on the benuni in Miami (and yasher koach).


    the vort about why this nigun is sung in a simcha way and doesn't seem to fit with the tochen of the words.


    I would suggest (not to take away from your point, which is valid) b'pashtus, that this niggun, like so many others, originally was sung slowly and with dveikus -- and over the years became to be sung faster and faster. Especially in our generation where everything is sung fast and faster. The Rebbe tended to take slower niggunim and make them fast. 


    Some other examples: 


    Rachamono Dionee Laneyee Anenu which it's tochen is a plea (slichos) to hashem to answer us, yet is sung with simcha. In the Nichoach rendition it actually starts slowly (but increasingly getting faster) and I remember the first time hearing it that way that it made sense and only then did I realize that the way we sing it in 770 with simcha and dancing is a chidush.


    Nei zuritze chlupze: The niggun itself was always sung slowly.I once heard by a 19 kislev farbrengen the old (peretz?) Chein (from EY) sing it in first with other words (es iz nishto kein nechten) and with dveikus) - yet the Rebbe transformed it into a niggun simcha.

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    • YN

      Yossi Niasoff -3 years ago

      Reb Yisroel,

      I don't know if you will ever see this response, you wrote your opinion 7 years ago. 

      Though I agree with you that the Rebbe at many songs lead the Olam to sing the song in a quicker tempo then that what the composer was meaning, however with this song  I beg to differ with you. Rabbi YY's explanation is valid. its not the speed he was refering to but the feeling that the song emits.

      The first part  in my humble opinion  is,  a person's expressing  his recognition  that all, even the seemingly negetive aspects of olam ho'asiya, is God with all his love for us, hiding.

      The second part is about accepting it and determening to take  on the mission  to feel and live it  and know your in good hands.

      As  somewhat of a "musician"  thats what the music tells me.  Its NOT a melancholy niggun or a niggun of gaaguim the song has a positive, upliftiing feel, though  it's a bit complex. 

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24 Teves 5773

Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • January 6, 2013
  • |
  • 24 Tevet 5773
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Dedicated by: Yigal and Chayale Niasoff in the loving memory of Reb Eliyohu Zion ben Reb Chananya z"l.

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