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Yud Tes Kislev 5779 London

220 Years Ago, a Light was Unleashed Transforming Judaism

1 hr 38 min

Class Summary:

This keynote lecture was presented by Rabbi YY Jacobson at the INSPIRE conference in London, England, on Monday evening, 19 Kislev, 5779, November 26, 2018.

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  • TG

    Tzipi Glick -4 years ago

    Rabbi YY You are the Best!!!

    This is sooooooo powerful. So real. So true. So timely. Thank you!!!!!

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  • Anonymous -5 years ago

    רציתי לספר סיפור על הסיפור שהרב סיפר מבעל התניא בליל יום כיפור ההרגשה ליהודי סבא שלי רב משה דוד שטראם ז"ל היה בעל תפילה כאן בלונדון שנה אחת אחר התקיעות וכבר אמר יהללו את שם ה משהו נפל לרצפה וחיכו לאמבלנס אז לא היה הצלה הם הגיעו ובא שלי שאל מי הולך איתו לבית חולים בוודאי אף אחד לא רצה אז הוא הוריד הקיטל והמליץ והוא הלך 
    סבא השני הרב דאמב לווה פעם כסף 500 פונט לחתן ילד והגיע יום אחד לפני הפרעון ובא שלי ידע שאין לו לשלם אז הוא שלח בתו עם קאנוורעט עם 500 פונט להכניס לו בפאסט וביום שאחרי הלו הגיע לשלם   זה פירוש גם לחשוב על אחרים
    פעם אמרתי מלך ממית ומחיה יש פעם בחינת מיתה ויש פעם בחינת מחיה אבל מתוך הכל מצמיח ישועה וזה כפי שהרב אמר מהתניא ויהי ערב ויהי בוקר ביחד יום אחד


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  • Anonymous -5 years ago


    berlin wall was lighting only few min to grab picture in order to bulshit the press with chanad activity 


    The presidant didnt call mr tiechtel 

    he run after him like a begger 


    you spred lies 

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  • Anonymous -5 years ago


    i dont like the lies you spreds 

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  • YN

    Yaakov N -5 years ago

    I can't really give a "like" to this video - the speech is bit too liberally minded, clearly implying that even the worst jews who are traitors to god, should be appreciated and we should be friendly and unify with them. Well that's not the דעת תורה. The commandment to love your fellow as yourself is not some kind of agenda we jews have that we must stick to in all circumstances, even if it makes no sense, like for example any political group would stick to their views even when the facts are completely in contrary. ואהבת לרעך כמוך is a מצוה, and like every other מצוה it has strict and detailed rules and regulations of when and how, etc. It applies, given to us by תורה שבעל פה, gemara and שולחן ערוך etc.: there "are" types of jews that according to halacha we're not obligated to like them, there are types of jews that we're not "allowed" to like them. There are jews that you're not allowed to associate with and have to stay apart from, in order that they shouldn't influence you. Unless you know how to stay safe yourself, and in the same time actually convince "them" to join your religious ways and repent their sinful past. But i don't at All see and understand how we're going to convince them to change their ways by telling them that their holy and great and god loves them the way they are, why should they change for the better if everything is fine the way it is, and they have nothing to worry about?! Also i don't think it's true that "every jew" in the world 🗺 at least calls himself a jew. Many jews get so assimilated that they don't even care at all anymore about associating with jews and Judaism, and don't even call themselves "jews" anymore, even if they themselves are still halachicaly Jewish. Besides by what criteria do they call themselves jews if they don't keep any commandments, for as is well known, our nation unlike other nations has become, and is, a unified nation only by merit of the torah we have received and keep. Also while it might be praiseworthy that Jews still want to associate with Judaism after everything jews have suffered throughout the generations - the holocaust in the second world War a good example -, you "could" look at it another way, to make actually the claim and punishment for those who don't keep the torah, much harsher! For god has already written in his torah many a time, that severe punishments will come upon the Jewish people if they sin, and in great graphic detail all types of punishment that will befall them, and how they'll be cast of into exile, and what they'll suffer there etc. And since we saw ourselves and know our history, how everything has come true, and it has all been foretold, how dare we still sin, and be relaxed in our Judaism, and take things easy (when we're not supposed to of course I'm talking about)?

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    • Y

      yitzchak -5 years ago

      Yaakov, just ask yourself honostly, if that jew will be your own son, your one and only son. would you HALACHACLY dislike him?

      if you say yes, it could be out of 2 reasons, or you dont have childern yet, or you dont know how to love childern. many people who were very strong on opinions like you share here, chnaged them when their own son or doghter went off the derech.

      so the only difrence between your view to the chabad view is not about the halacha, its about the qustion wehther you see another jew as a ben yochid or not

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      • J

        Joe -5 years ago

        Hey there Yaakov... As the saying goes, "don't judge people just because they sin differently than you" :) 

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    • YG

      Yochanan Gordon -5 years ago

      Yaakov - 

      i saw, just tonight, in a Sefer compiled of the Torah of Rav Pinchas Hirschprung, a Vort of his Rebbe, Reb Meir Shapiro on the Chazal: “גדולה הכנסת אורחים מקבלת פני השכינה.״ 

      Rav Shapiro interprets this as follows: הכנסת אורחים, which he writes is under the rubric of קירוב takes precedence to קבלת פני השכינה which he says refers to one bolstering their own individual closeness to Hashem and perfection in his or het avodah.

      The truth is, the בת עין has a teaching on Chanukah in which he says that the spiritual energy of Chanukah dates back as far as to the first Parsha in the Torah, אלה תולדות השמים והארץ בהבאתם. He writes, תולדות השמים והארץ is ר״ת תהו and בהבראם comprises the word באברהם who is the בחינה of תיקון and is also the numerical equivalence of נר.

      The opinion of בית שמאי of פוחת והולך is in consonance with פרי החג  whose message is also the synthesis of the תהו and תיקון and סובב and ממלא. In fact, the בת עין writes that we fulfill this ideal through הכנסת אורחים which he says amounts to gathering in the external forces and internalizing them. 

      obviously, he cites the גמרא regarding menorah and where it should be kindled - namely at the doorway leading to the outside - however אם בשעת הסכנה מניחו על שולחנו ודיו however even that is only due to a vulnerability in you and does not represent the ideal situation. 

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    • S

      Sholom -5 years ago

      Yaakov N,

      Seeing a few of your comments.

      Poor fellow, you clearly have a negative agenda and too much spare time on your hands.

      You say ''how dare we still sin and be relaxed in our Judaism'', why not apply this to yourself instead of sitting in a basement in pajamas and spreading negative toxicity. If only it would be so easy to be righteous by putting down all those around us. The thing is, you are exposing more of yourself then you realize. 

      Following the dictum of the mishna, hamaaseh hu haikar, do something constructive with your life. Build instead of trying to sow discord, distruction and jealousy.

      I challenge you to discover the light, blessing and warmth in your life around you. You will soon see just how much good and holiness you can engender in your life and for those around you. Or you can chose the opposite. Thankfully, Avraham Avinun, Moishe Rabeinu and their likes were our leaders and heroes who prayed for everyone, even those who sinned, rather than someone with a distrcutive attitude looking to out down other Jews as well as jealous of people who are doing amazing things in the world, like Rabbi YY Jacobson shlita.

      Lastly, my grandfather a''h used to say, syog lchachma shtika, if you're quiet people won't know how low iq'd you are.


      Blessing you with an illuminating chanukah that brings a little light into your soul that's waiting to emerge in holiness.


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    • JS

      J. Strom -5 years ago

      I'm wandering if the Rambam Hilchos Mamrim Chapter 3 Halacha 3 would be Daas Torah. Here is what he wrote almost 900 years ago about how and why you should bring people, who were raised non - religiously, back to G-d's embrace: From this


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    • D

      David -5 years ago

      I would like to say to Yaakov Neugarten that I don’t think Rabbi Jacobson said that we have to love renegade Jews such as Chomsky and Finklestein. I think he meant that we need to show love to those Jews who are תינוק שנשבה and know no better, or even those who do know better, but have slipped by means of their יצר הרע. For let us remember that practically all of us, Chareidim, are also not entirely without fault. And you must appreciate that regarding this issue there are חילוקי דעות. I saw in the מגיד משרים from the Mezritche Magid, that one should keep away from sinners, so as not to be influenced by them, but Lubavitch are not of that opinion. Let us not be antagonistic to different views than our own. This is certainly a fantastic sermon from an ehrlicher yid who happens to be a fantastic, brilliant, articulate speaker.

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London Yud Tes Kislev Lecture

Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • November 28, 2018
  • |
  • 20 Kislev 5779
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