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What Is Teshuvah? Discovering that You Never Sinned

Can a Jew Be Ever Cut Off from G-d? Getting to Know Your Invincible Self

1 hr 32 min

Class Summary:

Likkutei Torah Shir Hamaalos Mimmamakim #1: What Is Teshuvah? Discovering that You Never Sinned. Experiencing Your Invincible Self. Can a Jew Ever Be Cut Off From Hashem? What Is Kares?
This class was presented at Ohr Chaim, Monsey, NY, in Tishrei 5777, Septmeber 2016.


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    eli -4 years ago

    Wow beautiful, This opened up my mind to understanding a lot of things in Torah , I want to say that I  really enjoy the mehalech of chabad and some other things you have brought as well in chasidus, and i really feel it had a positive impact on my life , 

    I should say that you have firstly introduced Chasidus to me, and I have hakaras hatov, I really do, it enhanced my self confidence and ahavas hashem / yisroel ;) 
    And it has to do with the open mindedness that you had throughout your speeches, and to my positive shock I've seen you bring down many litvish gedolim with true reverence and respect with understanding the difference in opinion( in my opinion based on Baal Hatanya in likutei Torah Shir Hashirim as well as Rebbe sicha Shemos about Machlokes Beis shamai and beis Hillel - midas din and chesed quote me if I’m wrong lol) embracing both,  and that allowed a passage way for me to personally connect both worlds.
    I found that the mehalech of the alter of slabodka is very similar based with less kabalah, 
    I would like to add something to the chidush please tell me if it makes sense , 
    I was thinking that you can answer his kashya from the pasuk Shuva yisroel a little different based al derech what he’s saying , that the wording כשלון and not chet reflects like he said that yisroel didn’t sin but what it did was stumble then Yaakov part - meaning that as a result from a person not taping into his “ yisroel “ part - the ultimate connection with hashem by doing “godly” actions - he therefore caused the Yaakov part part to fall .

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    gavriel -5 years ago

    I listened to your class on the alter rebbe's maamer on teshuva, how we never really sin, how the sin is actually not knowing who we are. I want to bring to bring to you a remez, perhaps, from the gaon mevilna.

    He says that the word chet, doesn't only mean sin, but also means emptiness, as seen when batsheva tells david "if you don't choose shlomo as king, we'll be chataim" meaning empty and void, losing out on what was coming to us. He explains that the connections is actually that what brings sin is the feeling of emptiness! And I immediately thought of your shmooze (assuming I really understood it) and thought that it fits beautifully, that if a person was filled with his true self, that would fill the void.
    I dont have the source, I literally JUST heard it in a shmooze from rabbi eli mansour in the syrian community (if u know him) and I paused the class to email this to you.
    If it fits, lemme know bc I'm still not entirely sure that I got the class you gave.

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Likkutei Torah Shir Hamaalos Mimmamakim #1

Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • September 11, 2017
  • |
  • 20 Elul 5777
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