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Laws of Muktzeh on Shabbos -- Part 1

Muktzeh: An Introduction

1 hr 12 min

Class Summary:

Laws of Muktzeh on Shabbos -- Part 1. Muktzeh: An Introduction

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  • RLW

    Rabbi L. Wineberg`` -11 years ago

    I'll work on it bl"n

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  • M

    Michale -11 years ago

    Great class
    Thank you, Rabbi, for very good class. I would like to ask somebody in your team to make all definitions / cases available in written form (Ivrit / English), such as pdf-file. It will good for memory and understanding.

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  • YB

    Y Berson -11 years ago

    Who Began muktzeh
    Rabbi Wineberg,

    Who began muktzeh? You spoke of Dovid and Shlomo. But who was the first to invent these laws?

    Also, Can I move my flower vase in middle of the meal on Shabbos to another location?

    Also, when the leichter are done, and the candles are out, can I move them to another place?

    Also, if I have a desk and in its drawers are pens, printing paper, writing paper, wallet, batteries, tools, check books, scissors, and also some letters or plain papers, can I open the drawer on Shabbos?

    How about can I open my kitchen drawer which has tape, batteries, pens, things that we don't use on Shabbos, but it may also have a come or brush which I want to use on shabbos? And what if it has only tools and pens inside, may I open the drawer on Shabbos?

    Also, is a picture or painting on the wall muktzeh?

    And one last question, may I brush off my hat from dust on Shabbos with a hat brush?

    Thanks for great classes.

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    • RLW

      Rabbi L. Wineberg -11 years ago

      Re: Who Began muktzeh
      In his shulchan Aruch ch308:17 the Alter Rebbe writes that non-utensils (stones for example) were already forbidden "in the days of Dovid and Shlomo 'or earlier' ". At any rate in the story about Shlono that was related in the intro, we see that Shlomo was not innovating but was following  a well-established practice.

       I have not found any speci fic chochom named as the innovater of muktzah.

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Levi Wineberg

  • August 29, 2012
  • |
  • 11 Elul 5772
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Dedicated by Robyn and Josh Goldhirsch
in loving memory of
Isser ben Dovid Halevi Shapiro  

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