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Yud Shevat 5777 Farbrengen Kumzitz

Let's Stop Breaking People

4 hr 44 min

Yud Shevat 5777 Farbrengen. Rabbi YY Jacobson with Yaakov Kaplan.

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Yud Shevat 5777 Farbrengen

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  • Anonymous -5 years ago

    Where can i find the saying that one should be a heretic when it comes to helping people?

    who said this and where can i find it?

    Thabk you.

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  • R

    Rivkah -7 years ago

    I listened to your farbrengen of 5777 yud shvat. Gevaldig and so true. The revolutionary thoughts of the late lubavitcher rebbe are amazing. I consider them as revolutionary, i.e. a huge chiddush to the golus mentality Jew. Such droshes like you gave on that 5777 yud shvat farbrengen, should actually be told to our heimishe chassidishe oilam and not only to Lubavitcher chassidim or to baalei tshuve. We frum heimischer oilam, we think we are the top and the best and frummest, we think we've arrived in our Yiddishkeit. No, exactly in our circles there is soo much loshon hora and so much looking down on others who do slightly different. Within our circles, when one does something that is considered "es passt sich nisht", they kill the name of the people and family for shidduchim etc. It's terrible and there is no aibishter in such behavior. But exactly those people claim to know the aibishter. It's corrupt and it's very wrong. Hallewaj could such people like you come to speak to our circles, to the "baal batishe" chassidish crowd, hallway!!
    Please keep it up and there should really be much more program in this direction for the frum heimish crowd. I am far from Chabad. But I believe that Lubavitcher Chassidim are really 1 step ahead of us all, the teachings and the derech of the late rebbe are so true. They are the future!! It's WE who have to start changing our old school of thought.

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  • RYJ

    Rabbi YY Jacobson -7 years ago

    Attached is the original story of the Yismach Moshe. https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

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  • CB

    Chaim Bochner -7 years ago

    Beautiful. Another Yud Shvat B"H. I was thinking that the name of the day has paramount significance to how you started:

    First, we need to see the Yud in every Yid in the world, warm him and bring him aloft. Them, Shvat, like Shevet, a stick, you can give mussar...

    Also, I personally heard from my Rebbe that the Chozeh of Lublin once said: It wasn't the sin of the golden calf the soton wanted; it was tge despondency after the fact he was looking for because that's a sure way to remove, so to speak, a yid from hus devaikus with Hashem.

    Great Shiur!

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  • YH

    Yonah Heidings -7 years ago

    that is some serious rockin dancing

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  • M

    MKochberg -7 years ago

    Greetings from Toronto

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Rabbi YY Jacobson

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  • 10 Sh'vat 5777
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