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What's the Point of the Sacrifices?

The Higher the Soul, the More Aggressive the Beast

30 min

Class Summary:

Likkutei Torah Pinchas Tzav #4. What's the Point of the Sacrifices? The Higher the Soul, the More Aggressive the Beast


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    ND -6 years ago

    Why Kaddish before Hodu?

    Rabbi Jacobson mentioned that the Davening is divided into 4 parts: from morning Brachos until Baruch She'amar, Pesukei D'zimra, Brachos before Shema and Shema, and Shmone Esrei, (corresponding to the 4 worlds of Asiya, Yetzira, Briyah and Atzilus, respectively) and each part is divided by a Kaddish. In the Nusach Ari, there is Kaddish after the Korbanos, then Hodu and THEN Pesukei D'zimra. Why is the Kaddish not AFTER Hodu, right before Baruch She'omar? It seems to be incongruent with the aforementioned divisions... (I'm not sure if it was mentioned in this particular class but I'm pretty sure it's in this Ma'amar)

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Likkutei Torah Pinchas Tzav #4

Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • July 20, 2017
  • |
  • 26 Tamuz 5777
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