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Chanukah and Quantum Theory

A Revolutionary Approach to the Understanding of the Chanuka Miracle, Physically and Psychologically

4 hr 13 min

Class Summary:

This Shiur, ​by Rabbi YY Jacobson, on Likkutei Sichos (by the Lubavitcher Rebbe) vol.15 Parshas Chayei Sarah, explores a novel & revolutionary approach to the understanding of what was the Chanukah miracle, both practically and psychologically. ​“Chanukah and Quantum Theory” offers a new perspective on the Chanukah story, and guides us to a deeper understanding of the relationship between consciousness and matter. It was presented​ before Chanukah 5772, December 2011, at Bais Shmuel Shul, in ​Brooklyn, NY.

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  • Anonymous -6 years ago

    Nimna Hanimnaos & quantum mechanics

    Thank you rabbi jacobs for this beautiful shiur, which i enjoyed immensely. The comparison of 'nimna hanimnaos' to Schrodinger's cat is questionable  to me, because the term nimna hanimnaos is something that is unique to hashem, while the scientific findings are part of nature. While at first it may sound as an interesting comparison, enabling us to relate to this concept, but in reality they have no connection. Nimna hanimnaos has no explanation in sechel it is based on emuna that hashem is not bound to the rules of nature that he himself created, our minds, on the other hand, are wired only within creation. I apologize if I misunderstood, if you can please clarify this point, thank you again.

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    • F

      Fred -3 years ago

       Nimna hanimnaos is advar pashut to anyone with a brain

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      • Z

        Zalmen -8 months ago

        What?? Do you know the development of Nimna Hanimnaos in Jewish Philosophy??

        Abt Quantum Physics, I think it's not a appropriate theme here, as much as it's fascinating and can help opening the way to understand lots of Chassidus and defenitily it's part of Dirah beTachtonim (as the Rebbe says in sicha Noach chelek 15), it feels here it is being abused of in the wrong way.

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Likkutei Sichos Chanukah​/Chayei Sarah​

Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • December 18, 2011
  • |
  • 22 Kislev 5772
  • |

​Leilu Nishmas Reb Eliyahu Tzion ben Reb Chananya Niasoff ז״ל. And in the merit of our partner in Torah, Yigal Yisroel ben Sofia, שיחי׳​

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