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Day #2: I Want to Hug Every Jew in the World

“Don't Wait for Hamas to Bring You Together; Let Hashem bring you Together.”

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Day #2: Chanukah 5784 -- a Video a Day

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  • Anonymous -7 months ago

    Very inspiring, Rabbi Jacobson. One of the things that you said was interesting: That they hate us as Jews. I've seen many comments on video clips where many haters claim that it's a "chosen people" problem! Truth, Torah, and History shows otherwise. They hate us since Esau hated Jacob and more so, when we got the Torah. They hate our values and our convistion to morality and ethics; ask Hitler yms"v. Chazal knew this too and warned us millenias ago the Halacha beyedua. Torah is a nitzchi and it applies till today, and we see it as a fact in every generation, including todays's.

    The Rebbe used to say taht the chidush of the horrors of the Holocaust was that a cultured nation can steep so low. We are officially in a cultured nation, with universities teach diversity and racial acceptance. Yet, they might've made peace woth other ethnicities and religions, but the Jews, the just never make peace with. Since so, that they hate us anyway, we might as well be proud and not apoligetic! Gut Shabbos and Freilichin Channukah

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Chanukah 5784 -- a Video a Day

Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • December 8, 2023
  • |
  • 25 Kislev 5784
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Dedicated by Sammy and Laurie Friedland
In loving memory of their parents
Chaim Meir ben Shlomo Zalman
Rivka bas Binyamin Mendel
Eliezer ben Moshe Yehuda
Shayna Rachel bas Dovid Eliezer

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