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How Stubbornness Can Destroy Your Life

As a storm Hits, Flexibility is the Key for Survival

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This women’s class was presented on Tuesday, 22 Teves, 5778, January 9, 2018, at Ohr Chaim, Monsey, NY


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  • E

    Elly -4 years ago

    I enjoyed listening to this class very much. Thank you. You made beautiful connection with Basya and her hand expressed as "Amasa" and how this related to the very core and true depth of Moshe's essence. it came to me that Moshe's name 345 plus the Nistar of his name 101 = 446 the very same numerical value of the word  "Amasa". Thought you may appreciate it. Thank you for beautiful shiur and for helping me arrive at this mathematical connection, that has great depth and meaning, thanks to you.
    With great respect and admiration.

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  • YZ

    Yehuda Zimmerman -6 years ago

    Spelt - not buckwheat

    The last comment from that Israeli woman is misleading. In Modern Hebrew, כוסמת is buckwheat and כוסמין is spelt. However, in Lashon HaKodesh, כוסמת is spelt. This is also seen in the Mishna where כוסמת is one of the 5 grains. Buckwheat is certainly NOT a grain.

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  • M

    Mendel -6 years ago


    Firm roots - or a clear value system with clearly defined goals are what we hope and pray for to the extent they can be incorporated with a flexible outlook that is singularly focused on the important goals. 
    The roads are often serpentine and there are hazards- some are the hazards are temptation which we have to master - while some of the hazards are very appealing to our sense of right and wrong. They require false piety, arguments for aggrandizement of self, some masquerade as Al Tifrosh Min Hatzibur despite the issues you deal with are not what everyone else is dealing with. 
    Religious observance can not require denial of the obvious, following blindly when someone knows to the root of their souls that that edicts being sprouted are false, inappropriate/or counterproductive  and it can not mean caring more about what others think of you than those very people really care about you. 
    The way this plays out is that I don’t do x because whoever will think/say/ joke/ slander  — while it is not generally I don’t do x because the other person genuinely cares about me/has my best interest at heart/ and that person will guide me based what is right for me — not because they suffer the same infirmity mentioned above - what will people think of them
    Really sad 
    Chico Marx, a JEWISH Comedian, one of the Marx Brothers used to say “ Who ya gonna believe, me or your own eyes.”
    Or Otherwise stated, a mental health professional did an assessment of a patient and in the initial report call the patient that they are extremely RIGID. The patient proceeded to thank the therapist for (what they thought) was a supreme compliment. The therapist gave a heartfelt you’re welcome knowing that he had at least five years of cash flow from this person who thought that extremely rigid is something once should strive for. 

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  • T

    Terry -6 years ago

    How stubbornness can destroy your life

    Dear Rabbi Jacobson,  this unique lecture on this week's parsha continues to show me how interesting the Torah is when we really read it very  closely and how very relevant to our lives are the life lessons contained in it.  Your story about R. Akiva's words reminded me of something that is popularly quoted in contemporary psychology..what you resist will persist.

    Rabbi Jacobson, you teach us so very much...may HaShem continue to bless you and your family so that your teachings may go on for many, many years...Terry

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    • Anonymous -6 years ago

      Terry R. ?

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Vaeira Women’s Class

Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • January 9, 2018
  • |
  • 22 Tevet 5778
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