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The Four Questions Are Really Four Answers

The Secret of the Mah Nishtana

1 hr 20 min

Class Summary:

This Women's class exploring the Four Questions of the Passover Seder was presented on Tuesday, 4 Nissan, 5778, March 20, 2018, at Ohr Chaim shul, Monsey, NY

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  • D

    Dan -4 years ago

    Surely it can't be a coincidence that Hashem has put his world on pause just as we approach Pass Over. I hope you will address the subject in a shiur on YouTube this week. For my part, I'll pass it along on social media. Thanks

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  • Anonymous -6 years ago

    Rabbi Jacobson

    I want to thank you for your shiur, and the discussion about being open to experiencing all the emotions of life. Your words about shutting off negative emotions leading to shutting off all emotions rang a bell for me; this is something that I have been struggling with and working on in recent months. I recognize that being a man raised by men is not exactly working in my favor.
    I think that being open to emotions is a luxury of living in peaceful times. My zeide had no choice but to stifle all emotion, and when he couldn't stifle them (when he slept), he had terrifying flashbacks to his years on the run during the Holocaust and the experience of losing his entire family. My father was raised by such a man, and I was raised by him. We are simply flustered and bewildered by emotions, period. Both my father and I have been "complimented" for being baalei mochin, but in truth it's nothing more than rejection of all feelings, and a fear of demonstrating vulnerability. I don't aspire to being a nervous wreck, running from every קול עלה נדף, but the other extreme is also not the place to be. 
    Anyway, please keep this issue in the spotlight, among many other vital issues you, almost alone, are addressing with such wisdom and without oifgeklertkeit, in our community. We (macho) men definitely need to hear more of this. Thank you. 

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    • RY

      Rabbi YY -6 years ago

      Thanks so so much for sharing this; how true and correct each word you said.
      Thanks for your encouragement and your candidness.
      And may you and all of us learn how to integrate tefilin shel rosh and tefilin shel yad!

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  • Y

    Yisroel -6 years ago

    Simply Amazing! 

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  • Y

    Yoni -6 years ago


    I will be using this for a lesson.

    Many thanks.

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  • T

    Terry -6 years ago

    The Four Questions

    Rabbi Jacobson, hard to find the words to describe my reaction so I will simply say this was extraordinary...my experience of the Seder will be very different this year...thank you


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Women's Pesach Class

Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • March 21, 2018
  • |
  • 5 Nisan 5778
  • |

Dedicated by Artem Vaynman in memory of Chaim Moishe ben Menashe and Tova bat Gershon

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