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Seeing the Sounds: Does Judaism Have a String Theory?

Two Ways of Experiencing Judaism: The Whole or the Parts

1 hr 41 min

Class Summary:

This women's class was presented on Tuesday Parshas Yisro, 16 Shevat, 5779, January 22, 2019, at the Ohr Chaim Shul, Monsey, NY

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  • M

    Moshe -4 years ago

    You can buy your name in colors from a synesthesia person

    Go to https://flip.it/t57v_-

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  • M

    Moshe -4 years ago

    A small point

    "For nigla of Torah, each generation gets us further from Har Sinai. 

    But for Nister, each generation gets us closer to Geula and so we gain more clarity of the penimius of Torah."

    Yet, the Rashbi and the Zohar, the Arizal, the Baal Shem tov, the Alter  Rebbe  and all the Rebbeim  were in  the  past. There doesn't seem to be anyone today of that stature. 

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  • WGKY

    WOLF GLUCK KIRYES YOEL -5 years ago



    It's H2O NOT ZERO (0) 

    כה לחי

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  • I

    isaac -5 years ago

    Trunk, not tusk

    Beautiful, but you confused a tusk with a trunk...


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  • M

    moshe -5 years ago

    You mentioned that  guggenheim was able to show that  only  hebrew  letters were depicted  as appropriate  sounds with his technology and this didnt work with other languages. Only loshon hakodesh.

    Similarly,  they found many relevant words and phrases close together or crossing in the "bible  code" series from the Chumash by skipping letters, etc. They tried it with other books, but also no good. 

    Is reading "seeing" or "hearing"? It would seem more like hearing, step by step written instead of verbal, yet you use your eyes, not ears.

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  • YJ

    yosef jacobson -5 years ago


    What a FASCINATING and MEZMERIZING shiur today...

    Every detail, every story, every vort, all part of the whole magnificent sum... each fact, number, description, all part of the holistic big picture... and each weeks mind-boggling lecture, all string together to reveal the Majestic Neshama of Yiddishkeit...

    How can we ever thank Rabbi Jacobson enough???

    And I also learned that I am definitely NOT a real balabusta....

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Women's Yisro/Shavuos Class

Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • January 22, 2019
  • |
  • 16 Sh'vat 5779
  • |

Leilu Nishmas Reb Eliyahu Tzion ben Reb Chananya Niasoff ז״ל. And in the merit of our partner in Torah, Yigal Yisroel ben Sofia, שיחי׳.

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