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Reb Yishmael & Reb Akiva Debate the Purpose of Torah

What Does It Mean to See the Voices?

2 hr 59 min

Class Summary:

Rabbi YY Jacobson presented this text-based shiur in Likkutei Sichos vol. 6 Parshas Yisro, a Sicha by the Lubavitcher Rebbe presented on Shavuos 5726-1966.

The class was presented to the Beis Shmuel congregation, Brooklyn, NY, before Shavuos 5774/2014.

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  • TORJ

    Talmid of Rav Jacobson -3 years ago

    I had the zechus and pleasure of hearing the Rav say over the Rebbe's sichah on R' Akiva's and R' Yishmael's differing approaches to Mattan Torah [Likkutei Sichos VI, Yisro II]. I could not help but think that R' Akiva's sheetah, that the emphasis in kiyyum hamitzvos is, kiyyum tzivui haBorei, resonates with how the Rebbe describes sheetas Beis Shammai regarding the purpose in creating Man and the world. They held that the purpose was, hashlamas retzon Hashem [Sefer HaSichos 5748, Vol. II]. R' Yishmael says the emphasis in kiyyum hamitzvos is perceiving each mitzvah's unique zikkuch in a particular human ko'ach hanefesh. This seems to me to resonate with Beis Hillel's sheetah that the purpose of creation is Man's tovah and sheleimus.
    The question I had, "How do we understand that we pasken like Beis Hilleland yet all of our Torah comes from R' Akivaand his talmidim?"I thought to answer based on what the Rav said over about Yaakov choosing Yehudah to set up the yeshiva in Goshen, not Yosef. Perhaps for day-to-day conduct, we need the more "earthy" approach of Beis Hillel. However, in terms of the pure transmission of pure Torah, we need R' Akiva's emphasis on transcending the world's boundaries.

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  • I

    isaac -4 years ago

    that explanation in the Gemarah Berachos of Reb Akiva and his students is simply incredible. Wow!

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