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When Your Dreams Are Shattered

The Home Where G-d Dwells Is Constructed From Physicality

Class Summary:

This women's class was presented on Tuesday Parshas Pekudei, 28 Adar I, 5779, March 4, 2019 at the Ohr Chaim Shul, Monsey, NY 

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  • TH

    Tania Hammer -2 years ago

    This shiur gives new depth to our preconceived notions to what things 'should' look like. What things 'should' look like is that when we look in the mirror while we are washing our hands, we see a tzelem Elokim and Hashem looking back at us with a wink and a smile. The kiyor used mirrors so when people washed their hands and feet they saw themselves - the products of these mirrors the women used to entice their exhausted husbands. That is truly Godly. Thank you Rav YY for another incredible shiur, uncovering layers of value making these ancient parshiyot relevant to us. 

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  • J

    Jonathan -5 years ago

    Rabbi Jacobson, Shalom

    Based on what you said in this shiur could we suggest that the reason parshas Ki Sissa comes between Trumah/Tetzaveh and Vayakhel/ Pekudei is because there is a parallel between the luchos rishonos and Trumah/Tetzaveh  that necessitated the breaking of the luchos rishonos so we would receive the luchos shnios? 

    Regards and thanks,

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  • M

    Monica -5 years ago

    What an outstanding shiur we were zoche to hear this week. The message about how the greatness of mortal man building an abode for the Infinite A-mighty is more praiseworthy than the creation of The Universe, was profound, magnificent and touching. Honestly, hearing that one sentence alone was worth all the shiurim I’ve been privileged to hear...

    Additionally, the idea that the Mishkan built on earth is a completely different one that the one “built” by Hashems words to Moshe, was also, from the most classic life-altering message I’ve ever heard.

    This whole topic is so dear to my heart... as a teacher of women and girls, and to myself,  who toil at home, in our mikdash me’at, with the “mundane” and physical, day in and day out, there isn’t a more meaningful and practical lesson than this.  

    Thank you ever so much!!!! (I wish there was a better and less overused word than thank you!)  


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  • S

    Sarah -5 years ago


    Regarding the issue of repetition that you mentioned:

    Mamy years ago at a Torah U’Mesorah convention, one of the gedolim who spoke said that he had to hear or review something four times before he really knew it.  So, repetition does have its value.

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  • R

    Rachel -5 years ago

    The view a lot of us have is that only the holy part in us have permission to enter into the house of God the other parts of us, the more animalistic , undomesticated part, must remain behind must wait outside together with the cattle. Those parts some of us were taught would never be allowed to be brought into the proximity of the Holy and Infinite One.
    What we are saying is that the real part of us God could never handle, only the parts that can dress up to look holy can approach Him. But God gave us instruction to build the Mishkan with every material, even materials that could become corrupted or misuse, nothing was left behind or outside. All was invited in, because every part of existence can be redeemed, elevated and find value purpose and destiny. No part of us need to ever be repressed, crushed, unowned or dismiss because it might be too unholy, unruly. 
    A real God never feels threatened by our full presence of body and soul. Only the gods of Avodah Zarah would become infuriated by man’s full presence and always needed to be appeased. The more of me and my awareness I can bring into the house of God the more of me I can elevate and become connected to Him. When we reduce ourselves into almost nothingness because that feels “ holy”, God has a nothing “holy” in His house, how sad! It’s suicide with a hechsher.......perhaps in the name of Allah or some other God that promises after life........

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Women's Pekudei Class

Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • March 5, 2019
  • |
  • 28 Adar I 5779
  • |

Dedicated by Fariborz Sani, in loving memory of our father, Rachamin ben Aziz Sani Halevi. May he rest in peace in Gan Eden. And in honor of the Sani family and friends, for health, prosperity and success

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