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The Individual Vs. the Community

I'm I Part of the Community or Is the Community Part of Me?

46 min

Class Summary:

This women's class was given on Parshas Vayakhel-Pekudei, 5769, March 17, 2009, and it is partially based on the last public address by the Lubavitcher Rebbe, presented on Shabbos Parshas Vayakhel, 25 Adar I, 5752, February 29, 1992, and on Likkutei Sichos vol. 21 Vayakhel-Pekudei.

Vayakhel means to gather -- the gathering of distinct parts to create a community; whereas Pikudei means to count. Counting serves as a  function of distinction, and separation, with an emphasis on the individual being counted.

These two portions then capture two dimensions of life. On the one hand, we crave intimacy, seek community, and inherently belong to a larger family. On the other hand, we are pulled toward individualism, independence, and self-actualization. 

Where is the balance? How do we reconcile the two?

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    Women's Class Vayekhel-Pekudei

    Rabbi YY Jacobson

    • March 17, 2009
    • |
    • 21 Adar 5769
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