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Pesachim 102b-103b

The Order of Kiddush & Havdalah When Yom Tov Coincides with Motzaei Shabbos

Class Summary:

This class was presented on Wednesday Parshas Tzav, 13 Adar II, March 20, & Monday Parshas Shmini, 18 Adar II, March 25, 5779, 2019 at the Ohr Chaim Shul, Monsey, NY

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  • Anonymous -5 years ago

    I learned a bit ahead for Tuesdays shiur on Artscroll pg 103b2 about Rav Yaakov bar Abba seeing Rava make Havdalah and the inyan of “avuka havdalah mitzvah min ha’muvchar”.

    I see (in note #9 of Artscroll)   a question asked by the Mordechai:  “why did Rava hold back info at the beg’g  and not answer right away that a torch is a mitzvah min ha’muvchar? 

    RYbA asked:  “Why did the eved use the torch?”   Rava answered:  “He did it on his own.”  Rava didn’t understand RYbA’s question orig’ly.  Rava thought RYbA understood and knew the concept that “a torch for havdalah is a mitzvah min hamuvchar”.   Rava thgt RYbA asked only on this particular situation, ie  here where there’s a candle already lit, then why go out of the way for a torch.  L’chatchila perhaps it’s best to use a torch but if there’s already a candle lit, why not use it?  Why go out of the way for a torch?  Rava actually agreed to this.  So Rava answered: “the shamash acted on his own.”

       When RYbA then said further: “If the shamash used the torch, he must have seen you use the torch”,  Rava then understood that RYbA was looking for further explaination and didn’t actually know the concept of  “avuka Havdalah mitzvah min ha’muvchar”  (even l’chatchila) so Rava proceeded to tell him about it!

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Arvei Pesachim #8

Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • March 25, 2019
  • |
  • 18 Adar II 5779
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