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The Sin of Comparing Trees

Exploring the inner world of the enigmatic “wood-gatherer”

59 min

Class Summary:

The Sin of Comparing Trees: Exploring the inner world of the enigmatic “wood-gatherer”

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  • O

    ock -7 years ago

    hi, if i want 1 source with most comprehensive information, which of the maamorim that you list in your source sheets would you recommend studing?

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  • Z

    ZALMAN -8 years ago

    Q:Hi rabbi Jacobson
    I'm a big fan and listener to your classes they are amazing inspiring and moving
    listening analyzing what you said i have a couple of question if you could clarify

    on parshas shlach you have a class about a wood carrier 'melaket eitzim' saying that upon hearing the mistake of meraglim and their desire to stay in holiness he went in other extreme go to phizical world, but in that case what was then next parshas "hero"- reb Korach's intention was same as melaket isn't it? he too wanted the holiness and physical stay separate undo the 3rd day of creation and stay in 2nd day (his name korach is the same as a rokiya amavdil like explained in our Rebe maimorim) stay in physical world and he told Moishe that from physical point of wiev the is no differences between us we all do the same things alike in the realms of physical world and Korach was able to say that only after the story of the meraglim when Moishe said maise tha actin the physical world is what god wants,so in thhat case why did Korach not learn that that to is a mistake from mekoishes eitzim tha wood carrier on shabes- Tzelofhad?

    2nd question is that in a class about meraglim and why did Yehoshua and kalev didn't take the fruits you said that zohar actually sais that "vaisuhu beshnoim"they carried by two -refers to yehoshua and kalev - any explanation on that?

    Thank you,
    Zalman Rudenco

    A:Thanks so much for your words and kind comments.
    question about korach and the mekoshesh is a good question. Perhaps
    korach took it one step heighter -- this man was violating shabbos.
    Completely denying Shabbos.
    Korach was on a higher level, perhaps, he eid deny shabbps and ruchneyos; he just felt that everyone has the same ruchneyos.
    mekoshesh was denying ruchneyos. Korach was saying that all Jews are holy, that all share the same ruchneyos.

    Q:Thank you very much but i still dont understand based on the rarly volums of l's 2 or 4

    Korach idea bases on that we all put same tfilin like Moshe Rabeinu, he
    knew that Moshe is greater in holly aspects but in physical thing we are the same bases on the l's vol 2 or 4

    A:Because physical has atzmus, there is holiness in the physical, not dismising th
    e spiritual all together.
    everything is now clear .
    Thank you very much for answering and being there to inspire us all.

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  • E

    ella -11 years ago

    Great and inspiring and meaningful article which I plan to share with others

    I do not believe there is a word-individuated

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  • A

    Anonymous -11 years ago

    An email I received today:

    Your wonderful article made me think of the quote by Rainer Maria Rilke (from Letters to a Young Poet):

    Once the realization is accepted that even between the closest human beings infinite distances continue, a wonderful living side by side can grow, if they succeed in loving the distance between them which makes it possible for each to see the other whole against the sky.

    Shabbat Shalom.


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  • C

    c -11 years ago

    Beautiful essay! My favorite line: "An authentic leader must embrace, rather than shun, human diversity. To a true leader, the distinctions between people are a positive phenomenon, not a threat. It is rooted in the leader's appreciation of the creator of humanity as being "G-d of the spirits," one G-d who created many distinct faces, spirits and hearts, each of them called upon to experience life in a unique and individual fashion."

    Thank you for sharing.

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  • A

    alex -11 years ago

    For an individual to allow for diversity, a degree of personal tzimzum must occur. It is only by contracting oneself, emulating God, who created the space for the universe to exist by contracting Himself, that we

    allow others to be different and individual. Unfortunately, it is in the nature of religions to attempt to homoginize thinking and belief systems.

    However, the saying, "we are born originals, but die copies" is not endemic to religion alone. Most organizations and movements demand some abdication of individuality for the sake of cohesion. Yet

    the trick is to live in that paradox and achieve a balance.

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  • RO

    R. Ozersky -11 years ago

    Eternal "WHOLY" Jewish Paradox
    Dear Rabbi Y.Y. Jacobson,

    The way you have with words is so luring. In practical terms, though, in the real lived everday life of the Jewish Orthodox Communities, your words fall apart for lack of where to find support. We are the most untolerant, segragationist, hermetic, close minded, insular, phobic nation. The Yeshivish, the Chassidish, the Ultra, even the Mizrachi, every single group seems to abide by an unspoken urwritten sense of "be our way or ...the highway...'...even the israeli secular or should I say, especially the secular israelis are more intolerant of any thing with a Kippah or a skirt or handketchief. It is a nasty Jewish phenomenon, in my view a very sad Jewish mental disease.  And probably what delays Mashiah...as if waiting for Godot.

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  • O

    ock -11 years ago

    would be great if you can update parsha classes for new week on sunday, i love to hear the classes as soon as i can! thanks alot

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  • Z

    Zalman -11 years ago

    what about korach?
    awesome class, but it leaves one question if Tzelofhad really tryed to fix the meraglim(spy) misunderstanding and focusing on eitzh a daas - physicality and being stoned afterwards as a result of an err, that u can't focus on finical world what is then the Korah's point? as we know he was coming from similar approach as tzelofchad and as we see that 2 portions of Torah shah and korach go one after another when Moishe said that spirituality is not the goal but rather finical world Korah said well if so whats the difference between u Moshe and me Korah in finical mitzvah we r equal. And as we know korach as rakiya amavdil that is made out of kerach- ice is korach's source he wanted that the gvurois physicality should be the main what was he thinking(if u will say there is no chronology in Torah so why does two stories are close to another?) after Tzelofchad was found to be wrong and it seems like they both hold of a similar idea?


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  • E

    Eli -11 years ago

    Mekoishesh Eitzim
    Sha'alos Tam: How was the Mekoishesh Eitzim one of the Maaphillim? Was he killed twice? Rather, I think your whole Shiur is only according to the first opinion that he was Tzelophchod!

    Yar Shakoach nevertheless!

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    • ZR

      Zalman r -11 years ago

      Re: Mekoishesh Eitzim
      it could have been only few or one of people that were planing on to go as well and even tho they didnt go they were already considired maapilim

      bederech efshar

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    • T

      Tuvia -11 months ago

      The discussion is not wether the Mekoshesh was Tzlofchad or one of the maapililm.

      the discussion is who was tzlofchad, one of the maapilim or the mekoshesh

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  • J

    jacob -11 years ago

    who was wood carrier?
    great shiur, liked the point i just dont get the second opionion of who the wood acrrier is, if he died going up to israel how did he die again by being stoned? i think the piece quted in the curriculom might mean that tzelofchod was from those who went up to israel and died, not that the wood carier was from that group? 

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  • SC

    Sam C. -12 years ago

    OK so the spies wanted total retreat into the spiritual realm, the wood gatherer into the material realm at the expense of the spiritual realm, we need to integrate and reveal the spiritual into the material thereby influencing a transparent and transluscent revelation of Gdliness in the spiritual and material, understood. Question if i may, what then was the sin of Adam in the Garden of Eden? Which tree did he favor? and what was the initial plan before he sinned in the context of the tree of knowledge and tree of life being the spiritual and material fusion of both together?

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  • KK

    Kayo Kaneko -13 years ago

    Spiritual Ecstasy
    Baruch HaShem

    I could understand the mistake of the spys. After attending your shiur in spiritual ecstasy, it is difficult to go back to mundane world.

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  • KK

    Kayo Kaneko -13 years ago

    Loi Choimah
    Baruch HaShem,

    I am unemployed. My Doctor told me I should not work until October. Because I am handicaped, I can go to business school without tuition for 3 months. I thought it is a very good opportunity. I can train myself for commuting to work everyday and organizing the daily requirement, so that when I start real work, I would not panick. But in your class in 2010, I learned "Ani Choimah Zu Torah" The story of Yavneh. So I decided myself to acquire Torah wisdom till Simchat Torah 5771. But my doctor disagreed. And I know the story of spy. They wanted to remain in the spiritual domain and it was mistake. I wondered which way I should go. This beautiful shiur answered the question. First, I will go to Yavneh. I will acquire spiritual connection to HaShem and Torah that will not be cut off, and protect me when I go into the world of Etza Hadas and work hard.

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  • M

    Martin -14 years ago

    does it work?
    Thanks for sharing this. It is interesting but also raises some questions, in particular it somewhat finesses the problem of how we can BOTH respect “diversity” and “individual differences” on the one hand while on the other hand all being expected to honor a single moral code given by G-D that, especially in your Lubbavitch tradition, does not allow for great flexibility and wiggle room.

    This is not a criticism of the sermon, just an observation.

    I also prefer the use of the term “pluralism” rather than “diversity,” precisely because the latter is such a loaded, politically correct, often abused term today that leads to awful consequences in public policy and in other ways.

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  • BA

    Barbara Abrams-Mintzer -14 years ago

    An Ode to Diversity
    A most beautifully articulated message. Thank you so much for bringing Torah to life through your exceptional writing. Your messages are always thought-provoking and inspirational.

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  • JWM

    John W McGinley -14 years ago

    Deuteronomy domesticating Exodus
    The exchange in Deuteronomy is a reprising of what was suppressed from the text of
    Exodus, a portion of which was re-instated into the final version of the Chumash at the time of Ezra. A careful reading of Exodus 33:11-23 will reveal that the death sentence -- for having led and sanctioned the slaughter of the three-thousand -- was passed in that most dramatic interchange. Every verse of this passage is pregnant beyond belief. Especially revelatory is the segue to the scene in verse eleven about "face-to=face" conversations with Hashem when read in conjunction with the true meaning of seeing the face of Hashem as per verses 20 and 23.

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  • A

    Anonymous -14 years ago

    Waiting for the Ode!
    Awesome! It is a wonderful Prelude to the Ode. You give us a taste of outstanding breakthrough. Looking forward to the main dish!

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  • CS

    Chana Sharfstein -14 years ago

    Your essay on Pinchas
    I really enjoyed your article- same way I always appreciate your wednesday class. It was clear and well thought expressed in clear concise language. You are a good writer however, I appreciate listening to you in person for that spark of tongue in cheek humor gives added spark to your class. have a Great Day. Chana Sharfstein

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  • C

    Cus&#39 -14 years ago

    Happy Birthday Rabbi!!!

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  • מ-י

    משה - ירושלים -14 years ago


    אבקש ממכם שתשימו mp3
    גם עבור התוכנית של שבוע הבא
    שהוא מעין התוועדות
    כדי שיהיה אפשר להורידו .כי ביא ניסן לא היה
    וכדאי שיהיה . יישר כוח מראש.

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  • LH

    l h -14 years ago


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  • DK

    Daniel Kaye -14 years ago

    Positive feedback

    I love your english! "Intergration, Synthesis" Wow!

    Keep it up! Thanks for the amazing inspiration!

    Daniel Kaye, Sydney Australia

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  • C

    Chaim -14 years ago

    Well done. See "Sod Yesharim Tanina", it is a general theme in his books. This was written by the Radzhiner Rebbe, #3 in the Ishbitz line.

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  • YC

    Y. Chaim -14 years ago

    Kol ha Kavod.
    Mamash Fantastik!
    Y Chaim Brazil

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  • KJ

    K. Jordan -14 years ago

    the wood gatherer
    I learned a profound lesson in listening to this teaching. Learning to value the physical and spiritual realms in balance to bring forth Holiness in the malchut is hard work. Often times I am too quick to value the spiritual over the physical and am unwilling to work out and wrestle through the hard realities during the week in order to create the space that God wishes to occupy on that seventh day of sabbath rest. It has made me re-think my own sinful actions in comparing the work of the two trees of the Garden! It made me examine my own materialistic values and spiritual expectations. I have listened three times to this teaching and still have not been able to comprehend it fully... but it continues to unfold upon each hearing. Thank you for sharing it.

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  • I

    Isaac -14 years ago

    I didn't like it
    I did not like this class as much as other ones. It remained too abstract, I did not feel it came full circle in really applying it to our real lives as the Rabbi usually does so masterfully.

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  • S

    Sylvia -14 years ago

    Profound Class
    A very profound class, I need to hear it again to really get it. Facinating ideas, amazing class. Thank you.

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  • C

    CT -14 years ago

    I'm addicted to these classes....keep em coming!

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  • DK

    Daniel Kaye -14 years ago

    The Rebbe Rashab and Freud

    Positive feed back to a wonderful man who inspires us all!

    Fantastic shiur, Yishar Koach! I love your shiurim! Mechayil el Choyil in good health and Parnoso Behorchovoh and Nachas from your children and Mushpoim,

    Yours sincerely, Daniel Kaye
    Sydney, Australia

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  • N

    Neshama -14 years ago

    so sorry
    We computer users et al realize this happens from time to time.
    I apologize that I will be unable to tune in at 10PM, as there is a conflict on Mon nites with another program that is not available online or in mp3s, so I will have to catch up another evening.

    Wishing you hatzlacha

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  • FZ

    Fat Z -14 years ago

    Go Daveed and Eda! Thank you for your generosity in making this great program happen. Your cousin, Fat Z

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  • AF

    a fan -14 years ago

    last weeks class
    I conveyed the thrust of the class to our shul and the oilom was arois fune kelim


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  • HSM

    HAIM SHLOMO MOSCOVICH -14 years ago

    This week end we shared a long week end in Brasil with r. Y.Y. JACOBSON and I´d like to inform him that the issue we talked about Miriam recovering and re-marring with his husband appear at the end of the english version of Midrash Says and mention other sources there. please inform him. Thank you very much. [email protected]; [email protected]

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