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Theology, Sociology, Psychology and Sheep

Four Sages Debate What the Most Important Idea of Judaism Is

44 min

Class Summary:

Theology, Sociology, Psychology and Sheep. Four Sages Debate What the Most Important Idea of Judaism Is

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  • H

    harry -4 years ago

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  • TB

    Tuvia Bolton -10 years ago

    How come??
    The message is so clear and obvious.... so why doesn't ANYONE seem to get it?

    EVERY member of the Kenesset, religious Zionist included are willing to give SOMETHING away to the Arabs for 'peace'.  What Jewish leader would refuse offering, say, a box of straw or hay to give peace a chance?  NONE....... except for the Lubavitcher Rebbe.

    (And, of course the Shulchan Aruch (Aruch Chaim chapt 329) and the Rambam and every other true Torah athority between them).

    The problem is clear.

    The Solution is only one..... to learn and follow the teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe. Only then will Jews have the fortitude to not only withstand but to transform the ENTIRE world as Abraham, the first Jew, began when he founded Judaism.

    Moshiach NOW!



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  • Y

    Yitzchok -10 years ago

    As wild as it sounds, historical truth and practicality is as follows: 

    1. The only time that not one word of dessent was heard in the U.N., was when Prime Minister Menachem Begin took out a Bible and said "this is our deed to the Land of Israel."  Not one word of dissent!  

    2. In every war, where the first shots were fired by the Arabs, after Israel successfully defended themselves, the whole world was "up in arms" against Israel, and demanded the "return of the captured lands."  The ONLY EXCEPTION was the 6 day war (1967) when Israel's existence was "merely?" threatened, Israel fired the "actual" first shots, did what they had to, and "lo and behold" NOT ONE WORD OF CRITICISM, NO DEMANDS TO RETURN ANY CAPTURED LAND (unfortunately the Israeli Government officials were the ones who put that cockemania idea in their heads - talk about our worst enemies...), AND THE ENTIRE WORLD SUPPORTED THEM - NAY, THEY ACTUALLY APPLAUDED THEM!!!   

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  • A

    Anonymous -11 years ago

    Shalom.  This is an excellent shiur

    Thank you very much.  Baruch H'Shem.

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  • BHL

    Benveniste Ha Levy,Tsfat -11 years ago

    Jewish Meditation

    Excellent !

    Since we are living in such radically stressful schizophrenic ADHD times before Moshiach,why aren't there more classes in Chabad worldwide in Chassidische guided meditation /relaxation healing techniques?

    Strength and Blessing,

    Dovid Benveniste

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