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Pesachim 14a: Introduction to Tumah & Tahara #3

The Deputy High Priest Testifies on the Behavior of the Kohanim Regarding Impure Sacred Meat

Mikveh at Masada by Bradley Howard on Flickr

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This class was presented on Thursday Parshas Pinchas, 22 Tammuz, 5779, July 25, 2019 at the Ohr Chaim Shul, Monsey, NY

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  • ש

    שמואל -4 years ago

    לכבוד הרב הגאון החסיד ר׳ יוסף יצחק ג׳ייקובסון שליט״א שיודע להפוך כל לימוד (וגם לימוד על ענייני טומאה וטהרה, וזה באמת אתגר) למרתק ומאוד חי שיהיה לרב .הרבה נחת מהתלמידים ומהילדים ב״ה ושנזכה כולנו לקבל את פני משיח צדקנו בקרוב בימינו ממש


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  • CL

    Cirel Lipskier -4 years ago

    The sword of Pinehas

    One of the miracles of the sword of Pinehas was that he carried the two people on the sword and the blood didn't drip down !

    And therefore Hashem was able to give him the everlasting gift of Kehuna - as he didn't become Tomay !

    (as he was the only one - at the time of when Aharon and his sons became Kohanim that wasn't a kohen - because he wasn't a son)

    If I understand the above correctly

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Gemarah Pesachim #59 -- Intro to Reb Chanina Segan HaKohanim

Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • July 25, 2019
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  • 22 Tamuz 5779
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Dedicated by TheYeshiva.net in the loving memory of HaRav Hagaon Reb Reuven ben Reb Shmuel Yom Tov Scheiner Zt”l, Rosh Mesivta Torah Vodaas, who passed away on Monday, 19 Tamuz, 5779

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