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Why Did Jews Really Sin? They Were Searching for the Ultimate Relationship & the Light of Moshiach

The Yearly Calendar Mirrors All of Our History; Moshe Breaking the Luchos Captures His Greatest Moment

Class Summary:

This class was presented on Friday Parshas Eikev, 22 Av, 5779, August 23, 2019 at the Ohr Chaim Shul, Monsey, NY 

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  • JF

    Jacob Freund -4 years ago

    Wow! State of education

    עתה תראה, עתה דווקא!

    Maybe this new decree of the State of education to completely take out Hashem from the education and completely denie Hashem, this is a signal of a heavier and new Hisoireres that is being ready to be revealed, which is the ULTIMATE Torah of Moshiach him self.

    Just like pharoh denied Hashem which was a time for a new Hisgalus.

    As we see on a daily basis Toras Hachasidus - Moshiach is being more and more spread in Klal yisroel..

    Hatzluche Rabbe!

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  • ע

    עזריאל -4 years ago


    אה, איזה התרגשות עצומה וחדשה מתעוררת בקרבי בכל פעם מחדש בעומק יתירה כשאני מדפדף קצת וקורא את המילים של הדא''ח. חבל על אלו שמפספסים את המומנטום הזה.
    כפי שהסברת יפה לאחרונה אמונה מס. 30 (הקשבתי, והיה יפה מאוד וגם מצחיק) על הפריג'ידר והאלקטרוניקה
    אלקטרוניקה תמיד היה, אך הפריג'דר לא היה ולכן האלקטרוניקה לא בא לידי ביטוי.
    אלוקות תמיד היה, אך בגלות הארוך הזה לא היה חסידות ולכן האלוקות לא בא לידי ביטוי, לצערינו הרב.
    אך כעת שיש לנו חסידות חבל מי שלא מתענג על ה' באמת ובתמים, כמו הפרשה שלנו השבוע, תמים תהיה עם ה' אלוקיך, איזה תענוג רוחני וגשמי כאחד ליישם את זה בפועל ממש עם הכלים שיש בחסידות. 
    לך תסביר את זה לאנשים שכל כך מרוחקים ומגושמים מאלוקות רח''ל עם כל השמונה בגדים וכו'. ולא שהאלוקות לא כאן, אלא צריך את הכלים הנכונים בכדי להרגיש את האלוקות בכל הרמ''ח אברים ושס''ה גידין.  
    ולמותר לציין שמי שפיתח את הכלים כמו שצריך הוא ה''ה הבעל התניא הקדוש והנורא וכו'. 

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  • R

    Rachele -4 years ago

    Wow!!! This maimar allowed me to step back behind the stage of creation and get a peak, a glimpse from “mahachurai hapargut”, a glance into Divine perspective. It brought into my awareness that everything is so much more infinitely, deeper and greater than my finite mind, perception and any of my finite tools I was given can ever begin to perceive anything from Elokus. It would be pure ignorance, stupidity or utterly arrogant and infantile for anyone to try to perceive God’s world with opinions, judgements and conclusions. 
    The deeper we come closer to anything Divine the more we come to touch how much infinite love, compassion and empathy is in every thread of the fabric that was sown into creation. When I’m willing to look back with open eyes at the lessons that were unleashed in my life that seemed so dark at first, I see the blinding light that descended from every new shiur. Am I willing to revisit that darkness, with a different projector? Can I look at the whole picture, can I see light and darkness simultaneously? Can I allow myself to see the Klall not only the prat of my life? The light, wisdom and lesson is found when we can stand back and watch objectively and simultaneously both the darkness and light together in a view of Klall. I can then find the strength to surrender my narrative about that darkness that turned me into such a victim and was so enslaving at the time, but now allow myself to know a truth far beyond that darkness.  In reality it was a darkness that always held infinite promise with lights of redemption, freedom and salvation in it. Living in shiur consciousness is living life in the perspective of geulah.

    I just want to add some of my thoughts about the Thursday class when you taught us 
    that when the geulah comes Godliness will be manifested and experienced in the guf just as vivid as any other experience we feel in the guf. 
    Different from now, because now it’s hard to experience God in our core (Yechidah). It takes a lots of work and awareness to connect into our core.
    But that will all change when Moshiach comes.
    Looking around already now, I see the guf has a new appreciation and respect in our generation.
    Perhaps we have already entered this reality of geulah and see the manifestation of it. 

    Until recently the mind and logic was always king, the body and feelings was looked down at.
    In the last few years beginning in the field of psychology there was a drastic change in healing. Especially in the healing of trauma. Therapists found that trying to heal through speaking (dibur) isn’t yielding so much success. They realize that healing through the experience of the body ( guf) is a much more powerful way of healing trauma. And in all kind of discipline the mind is no longer king. Actually to bring healing to mental health or spirituality is reached with much more success when we are able to step away from the mind and connect through the guf. And it’s through the guf that we can reach into our awareness and connect to our core.

    Thank you so much.

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  • R

    Racheli -4 years ago

    Why confused people are beautiful people

    Why confused people are beautiful people
    who is not confused? either they are blind to the massive pain suffered daily by fellow humans, or ourselves
    Or they are just numb to it
    or they are aware but choose to imagine that it is all ok as long as they themselves are spared
    the world is not about answers. its about the search. its about asking, seeking the truth, ultimately,, Godliness, and finding the Godliness inside of us.
    I don't attempt to educate my kids with answers. I tell them how little i know. We know so little. But we need to ask and search each day and try to find the light ant truth. We can catch some rays, some specks, sometimes bright floods of light. And then confusion. We learn how to march through the darkness using the paths we plotted during the moments of light. Clarity is like water it slips through our hands, and we can only hold onto its memory, and map it into our minds and hearts.
    Ultimately we seek connection. Connection and peace are the same. Peace is the reconciliation of the light and the dark, the good and the bad, 
    It is not that we understand the pain and the disconnection, but we can hold the awareness of it. Hold it in our minds, and at the same time hold the hope and trust that this is all ok, and God is still here with all of this mess. He knows about it, is here with it, and feels it, and is doing the best for us.  we can try holding this all in our minds at once, and at times find the peace and acceptance of it
    But mostly we cant hold the 2 at once, and we find the peace move aside and confusion comes upon us. It is the questions and the confusions that can bring us to moments of peace. Concious peace, not numb, blind, fake peace.
    but we can learn to be able to hold the questions. hold the pain. Hold the loneliness. And just wait with it and sit with it. And know with the knowing heart that we do not understand, and clarity is fleeting, but there are answers. Far away, yet right close by, answers are here. Answers are in our hearts where the Godliness lies and still shines beneath all the raging searching and disconnections.
    to trust is to know that we cant know. we cant understand. But we can hope because we know that hoping is always better than giving up. That we are so small in this universe that we cant rely on our vision.   it is sort of like a patience level. just and endurance and calm while waiting for an answer. And knowing that it will come.
    So when my little boy asks me "mommy how do you know everything?" I try explaining to him how little I know. I tell him I only know what I know. And there is so much I dont know. ITs ok not to know. WE can only keep asking until we find the light. 
    In knowing how small we are, we can know how great we can be if we can only connect with the Godliness within us.  If we can balance the two existences within us, we can find transcendence.

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  • O

    Odom -4 years ago

    A Thought

    The idea that lays just beyond minds reach

    You know it’s there with a certainty you can’t define

    Borne from a question you can’t express

    The vacancy created by putting knowledge on the side

    Clearing the way for the flash of light too bright to see

    And too quick to grasp

    The surrender of self so complete you might altogether disappear

    Slowly slowly clarity dawns

    Stitch by careful stich bit by etched out bit

    The elusive vagueness of mysterious wonder

    Finally a tangible reality. The reality.

    Until whispers of the next question arise

    The serenity so painstakingly achieved collapses

    Under the joyous wonder of

    The idea that lays just beyond minds reach.

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Maamar Reb Hillel Eisa B'Psikta #20

Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • August 23, 2019
  • |
  • 22 Av 5779
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