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The True Father of Psychoanalysis

Truth on One Level Becomes a Parable for a Higher Level

58 min

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This class was presented on Sunday, Parshas Tetzaveh, 5 Adar, 5780, March 1, 2020, at the Ohr Chaim Shul, Monsey, NY 

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  • R

    Rochella -4 years ago

    I Heard everything.
    It’s the avoidah of not allowing oneself to become defined by the last conclusion, the last truth, the moshul of life we have reached. (Unfortunately we often think we are building magnificent castle on those conclusions. In reality when we become stuck in those castles, in reality we are building prisons that limit the potential to transcend perspective towards a much larger truth).

    Even in those moment when I believe I have reached ultimate knowing, understanding or truth, I learned from this maimar that I have reached a dead end road!

    I should never surrender completely to any moshul. But instead always remain open with detachment from the last moshul that showed up in my life. I want to remain in a place of fluidity. A place that will allow my soul to move in and out without getting stuck, from moshul to Nimshal. And then climbing the ladder of moshul today nimshal tomorrow and on and on....

    Becoming stuck with truth is becoming imprisoned in the moshul and dying there.

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    • S

      Sara -4 years ago

      A dead end road ??? I see it otherwise. It's not a dead end road as I see it. It's the path to even more understanding, more enlightenment, more everything.

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  • Anonymous -4 years ago

    Why does the Baal Hatanya focus on the fact that talmudo beyado is the halachos that are inyaney gashmi as opposed to the perushim in tanach or the stories told or divrey aggadah. It seems that to really grasp giluy of ein sof is through the esek hatorah of halacha. Similar to the gemara that ein shechina shoreh eleh bedaled amos shel halacha. Is that just a mashal of torah that deals with gashmi or is there more to it?

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  • S

    Sara -4 years ago

    Moshal, Nimshal, Shlomo Hamelech, etc

    Rabbi YY, the explanation you gave today in this shiur of "getting it" and "not getting it", becasue Torah is infinite is the first time, the very first time I didn't feel frustrated because there is so much to get. Your explanation actually put a smile on my face. I felt so motivated and good inside, not frustrated at all. I didn't feel like I was "behind" trying to catch up with all of this learning. I felt satisfied and excited about the more that is to come, the more there is to learn even if I don't get there in this lifetime. Thank you!

    Amazing information about Shlomo Hamelech. I had no clue. Really the only moshal I knew about that he told is the famous one about his  command to cut the baby in half and give it to the two women who both insisted that the child was there's. 

    Regarding the moshal and the nimshal. This is what I got out of it. The moshal leads to the nimshal which leads to another moshal which leads to another nimshal, etc. So getting to the real nimshal omg, could take forever. Mindboggling. 

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  • M

    Moshe -4 years ago

    Shlomo Hamelech gave 3,000 mosholim for concepts

    Look closely at  the  physical world.  As our equipment and technology has evolved we are able to  go further and further our there (telescopes) or in here (microscopes).

    What was once seen as a complete reality is revealed t be only the  outer layer of deeper and deeper levels of  existence. Physical objects. Molecular level. Atomic level. Subatomic level. Photons. Etc. Etc. DNA.  Unravelling DNA. Our solar system.  The galaxy. Beyond our galaxy. 

    Even the physical world has so many levels its mind boggling.  All the moreso the levels of  concepts.  

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Torah Or Purim Chayav Einish 5780 #2

Rabbi YY Jacobson

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