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Every Idea in Torah Is a Parable; But What’s the Ultimate Idea?

Can an Idea Become a Parable for Infinite Undefined Reality?

49 min

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This class was presented on Tuesday Parshas Tetzaveh, 7 Adar, 5780, March 3, 2020, at the Ohr Chaim Shul, Monsey, NY

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    Rachele -4 years ago

    My epiphany with today’s maimar...

    This is how I understood  from the maimar how I can bring more ohr Torah into my life.

    What we learned today is that in chochmo we can never recapture the ohr of inspiration that occurred when we had the epiphany, only the oisyois of that experience are available, we can’t recapture the ohr.
    But through Torah we can recapture the whole experience.
    So when we learn Torah we are not just capturing the oisyois of Torah, we are recapturing the full experience of the ohr as well.
    From the maimar I’m deducing that when I learn the parsha about Matan Torah, I have the opportunity to experience the actual ohr that is in the oisiyois, not only the inspiration of the story coming through oisiyoios from the psukim but the Divine ohr of the experience of Matan Torah. Wow!!!
    This means that all the teachings and stories in Torah are not just psukim that communicate rozoin Hashem. They are opportunities  for us to connect and touch the light, the energy and the inspirations of those people in those times. Because that energy and that Ohr is timeless and will remain with us forever.
    What a source of healing, empowerment and transcendence Torah can bring into our life.
    For example:
    When I struggle with food, because I want to have an illicit relationship with food, food that doesn’t belong in my body. If I eat it, I will betray my body and soul. Perhaps a way to empower myself to overcome this struggle is to connect to the timeless Ohr of Yosef. He impersonates overcoming temptations. Torah is much more than a dry book of morals. To connect to Torah is to connect to a vibrating and passionate timeless light and energy. To experience a sense of oneness with all the times and people. People that overcame tremendous nissiones, lived through pain, loss and more but were able to overcome them. Connecting to their Ohr might allow us to draw into our life tremendous inspiration, healing and strength.

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    Moshe -4 years ago

    Amazon has my stuff. But no delivery.

    It was said that a moshel is a means of  delivering the real content, the nimshal, to the recipient.  The nimshal alone is not understandable by him without the  moshel.  

    The item I want from Amazon is in stock but their delivery trucks are  down. So my item sits there and I don't get the benefit of  it. 

    On the other hand if there's a great moshel, a story, a parable, an example, etc but it's not connected to the nimshal, it remains a  nice Children's story. 

    If the item I want from Amazon is not in stock, but the delivery truck comes to me empty handed, very nice to say hello to  him, but I'm missing my.stuff.

     A moshel is  the delivery system to deliver the  nimshal. 

    And what about the first moshel, moshel Ilya? That's moshel 1.0 to bridge the  gap between kadmony shel Olson and the infinite chain of moshel and nimshal and moshel, etc

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Torah Or Purim Chayav Einish 5780 #4

Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • March 3, 2020
  • |
  • 7 Adar 5780
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Dedicated by Mark Korn in loving memory of Chaim Gamaliel ben Shlomo, in honor of the yartzeit, on 7 Adar II  

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