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What Reb Shayele Can Teach All of Us About Judaism

The Story of Reb Shayele and the Mice

24 min

Reb Shayale of Kerestir (1851-1925)

Class Summary:

Rabbi YY Jacobson addressed via zoom the children of Beer Yeshayahu, a school in Monsey, NY, named for the great Chassidic Tzaddik Rabbi Yeshaya Steiner of Kerestir, Hungry, in honor of his 95th yartzeit on 3 Iyar, 5780, April 27, 2020.


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  • Anonymous -4 years ago

    I live in Pittsburgh where I have a pest control company. A few of my customers have called me over the years to catch and remove mice from their  homes. I noticed that they had pictures of Reb Shayale on the walls of their kitchens. They told me that Reb Shayale’s Bracha to keep mice away does not seem to work for them. I told them that Reb Shayale knows that there is a Jew (me) in Pittsburgh whose parnasa is getting rid of mice for people, so he does not want to be “massig gevul” my business. So he works his brocha through me so I get parnasa for catching the mice and my customer gets the satisfaction of having no mice because I caught the mice. 

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  • M

    Moshe -4 years ago

    Yasher koach R. Jacobson

    If it's a mitzvah every moment to stay home so that no one gets sick, does that apply when sleeping also? If so, any other mitzvah that can be done sleeping? 

    Obviously if these boys  are staying home from cheder all fathers should be  staying home from shul. 

    R. Shayale served everyone himself. But a person, even a tzaddik has only 2 hands and 24 hours. When Moshe Rabbeinu tried to do it all himself, the shver told him to delegate, and "hire" help. He listened and was more productive.  

    R. Shayale allowed everyone into his home including those with mental problems. Beautiful! 

    Today in Monsey,  emulating R. Shayale on his yortzeit, supermarkets gave out thousands of  free sandwiches.

    A hypothetical: give parents a choice between their kids honoring and respecting them before and after 120.but NOT getting along; OR not honoring and respecting their parents before or after 120, but YES getting along. What would a normal parent chose? I say the choice would be like Hashem's who chose to waive his kovod for the Sotah, with the  Beis hamigdash, etc but that there be peace among yidden. And we are to reflect Him. Notice when boiling the  Torah to just principle Hillel chose bain Adam lechavero over Bain adam lemokom. 

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    • M

      Moshe -4 years ago

      Reb Shayale kept the bulkalech hidden so he never ran out. The supermarkets today has the sandwiches out in the open and so did run out-'but not till after handing out  thousands! 

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