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My Summer Plans Are Canceled -- and I Am Angry

Overcoming Challenge & Disappointment

1 hr 33 min

Class Summary:

As the coronavirus has forced so many of our summer plans to change, Rabbi YY Jacobson conducted a webinar with Chabad boys learning in grades 7-8, 13-14 year old students, across America, on the topic of overcoming disappointments in life. The event, on Tuesday, 10 Sivan, 5780, June 2, 2020, was followed by Q and A with the boys.

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    isaac -3 years ago

    You spoke about accepting situations like depression.

    I heard from my Rebbe the great Mashgiach R Matisyohu Salomon, on what chazal say
    כל מה דעביד רחמנא לטב עביד
    the first thing is to accept yourself, and to realise that how Hashem made you is the best for you!!!! Its not easy but powerful!!

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    Dovid -3 years ago

     I was just listening to your shiur to young men about overcoming challenge and disappointment. I thought you might like a thought that occurred to me in the same vein during Hallel one of the days of last Chanukah. מה אשיב לה How can I know what to give to Hashem? כל תגמולהי עלי It depends on the circumstances He bestows to me. If I come home and my wife is worn out and she needs me, that's how I give to Hashem at that moment, and so on. If I live in a time of isolation and quarantine, then my עבודה is prescribed by that circumstance. מה אשיב לה כל תגמולהי עלי. 

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    Moshe -3 years ago


    Ty for encouraging these boys. Now, as equal opportunity,  perhaps a turn for the girls who are equally disappointed. 

      The Rebbe caught everyone by surprise with that Rambam farbrengen. That was a surprise for a  good thing, a farbrengen. This time its a  surprise by corona for what's "bad" for these boys. The point about outer or inner seder, preparedness, is hard to understand about a  surprise farbrengen when many back then at the time  could not physically go at a moment's notice. Also, how to prepare for an unprecedented pandemic. 

     I think the way to prepare for anything is  to have a good attitude, something I told my boys about camp itself, and accept whatever happens. Like a boy scout, "be prepared", but like a frum Bocher, accept whatever input Hashem has in store.  Only your output, your reactions and  decisions are within your control,  not even the results of your output.

      Btw, last week they announced day camps in NY opening and likely the same elsewhere.  

       The nurse in the Bronx said her whole life was training for  this peak demand. Like Pilot Scully who put a packed plane down into the Hudson. And like Avrahan Avinu who, after passing all the other tests,  passectye ultimate test of  the  Akeida.

       These boys, for the most part, haven't been alive long enough to be tested. This summer will be  a test of their character and emunah. 

      Hopefully camps will in  indeed open up. Just a thought: older bocherim go on merkaz shlichis all over. Perhaps these younger bocherim can team up with the older ones to travel out on merkaz merkaz shlichus as well.  That would be a great adventure as well. 


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Webinar With Teens on Life's Letdowns

Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • June 2, 2020
  • |
  • 10 Sivan 5780
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Dedicated by Rachel Shlomo, in memory of her father Yeshayahu Yosef ben Yaakov Leib, for the yartzeit, 12 Sivan. And for a Refuah Sheleima for Yosef Yitzchok ben Perel.

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