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4 Ideas of The Sfas Emes on Chanukah

1. When the Inside is Outside. 2. The "Revenge" of the Jews: No Outside. 3. The Greeks Despised Our Understanding of Human infinity. 4. The Miracle of the First Day

1 hr

Class Summary:

This class will be presented on Monday, Parshas Miketz, 28 Kislev, 5781, December 14, 2020, live from Rabbi Jacobson's home in Monsey, NY 

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  • HKM

    Heshie Klein, MD -3 years ago

    Tzara’as in Today’s World

    Dear Rabbi YY,

    You taught, tonight, thatThe Sfas Emes (S.E.) says that there is no Tzara’as today. The Torah says “Adam ki yihiye v’ohr b’saro s’eis oh sapachas . . . and, Nega Tzaras ki sihiyeh b’adam, v’huva el ha’koehin.

    There are 4 names that man is referred to as: Adam, Ish, Gever, and Enosh.So, the S.E. says that Tzaras only occurs when a person is a complete “Adam”, and there is an imbalance inside of him, then because he is a complete ”Adam”, that imbalance has to come out on the skin. 

    Today, he says, there is no complete “Adam”. Since the destruction of the Batei Mikdash, there is no “Adam” who is so holy that he can’t function with conflict within. 

    I humbly and respectfully disagree. There is, in fact, a form of Tzaras today. We call it sciatica, back pain, torn meniscus, Parkinson’s, Cancer, Depression, Chron’s, et al. 

    When a person has stuck, unresolved emotions, these emotions fester, and eventually work their way out as an illness, a pain, a disease, etc. 

    I would call these body, mental, emotional (depression, etc.) and spiritual manifestations of inner turmoil, a modern form of Tzaras. 

    The CDC said that 85% of all illness, including cancer, is caused by emotions and stress.In my experience, they were short 13%. It’s closer to 98%. The proof is found in Parshas Bereishis . . . if you know where to look.But it’s too long to write in a comment. 

    A Freilichen Chanukah!!!

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  • Anonymous -3 years ago

    Please Do More Sfas Emes

    These Sfas Emes shiurim are incredible.

    Please continue to do more on the Parsha, thanks!

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  • SG

    Sarah Goldberg -3 years ago

    The yidden won the war and then used that victory to glorify Hashem

    And not like lowly blood thirsty nations that gloat in victory  

    Notice that our "Medina shel chesed" after winning WW2, also did not gloat or dominate or subjugate the losing nations.  America's Marshall Plan, perhaps also a G-dly thing, actually rebuilt the losing countries of Germany and Japan. 

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  • SG

    Sarah Goldberg -3 years ago

    We were partners in establishing the new month

    So why did Chazal take that partnership ability  away from us by fixing the  calendar? We're still partners for Shabbos and bris.

    Sure, the Sanhedrin no longer existed but was  that the only way for yidden, i.e. witnesses, to testify that they saw the new moon, thereby establishing the new month, fixing the date of  yom tov and being partners? 

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  • SM

    Sara Metzger -3 years ago

    Someone asked...

    How can people desire to opress another human being?

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Chassidus: Sfas Emes Chanukah

Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • December 14, 2020
  • |
  • 28 Kislev 5781
  • |

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