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The Secret of Jewish Resilience

Reb Mendel Futerfas, Viktor Frankl, Edith Eger, and Balaam Teach the Path to Fortitude

59 min

Class Summary:

This zoom lecture to the South African Jewish Community, organized by the Arch and the Base, was presented on Wednesday Parshas Balak, 13 Tamuz 5781, June 23, 2021.

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  • SNM

    Stephen N. Miller -3 years ago

    Is a promised reward necessary?

    Superb talk. You have advanced my understanding of the biggest issues perceptably.

    My question:  I know I am here. I can feel the power of Ha Shem as embodied in the She'hechianu, and the responsability that goes with it, as told in the story about Reb Zusha, to be all that I can be. Isn't it enough to work to be worthy of G_'s gifts, including free will, whose realities hit me in the face every moment, without thinking there will be some kind of happy day reward, when the Moshiach comes and/or I die? Can't I work on stuff I can touch, and leave those other theings, which are beond our immediate knowledge, to G_?


    SNM,  Encinitas, Ca. (An essentially secular Jew, catching up at age 87, by attending services and being and not being influenced by  local Chabad Rabbi Eilfort.)

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  • S

    sheila -3 years ago

    I just listened to your message about Jews being crouching lions. In Africa, a cat crouches just before pouncing, not a relaxed or docile position at all. It's actually a term for "Potential" energy. A very empowered position. With that definition of "crouching" does Bilaam's message change somewhat?
    Have a beautiful day
    Sheila Valentini

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  • A

    Avi -3 years ago

    thank you

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  • Anonymous -3 years ago

    בקשו לקבוע פרשת בלק בקריאת שמע ומפני מה לא קבעוה משום טורח צבור

    Giving up this tremendous yesod for what? FOr the tzibbur for klal yisrael!

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Lecture to South Africa Community

Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • June 23, 2021
  • |
  • 13 Tamuz 5781
  • |

Dedicated by Colin and Loren Goldstein

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