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Embracing Marital Conflict

Without Discord in Our Marriage, We Remain Lonely

1 hr 38 min

Class Summary:

Embracing Marital Conflict by Moshe Zev Lamm, LCSW

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    Ak -11 months ago

    So couples dont commucate and a men most imporntant roel the connect emotionally

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    Ben -1 year ago

    I thought this workshop is a great commentary on what it meant that yakov hated leah
    which you kind of explained but here but not as in depth as this workshop of what it could mean. https://www.theyeshiva.net/jewish/2596/essay-vayeitzei-did-jacob-really-hate-his-wife

    I was thinking children having to reduce connection with parents for some time b/c they make them feel intense anxiety, depression, anger, etc from years of neglect and/or abuse may be one of the types of chutzpa that happen before mashiach's arrival.

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Marriage Workshop

Moshe Zev Lamm, LCSW

  • August 18, 2022
  • |
  • 21 Av 5782
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