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The Mesiras Nefesh of Russian Jewry and Its Relevance Today

Stories of Jews from the Soviet Union and Their Indomitable Spirit

55 min

Class Summary:

Rabbi YY Jacobson featured on an episode of "History for the Curious", the most talked-about Jewish History Podcast which features the dynamic historian and famous tour guide & lecturer: Rabbi Aubrey Hersh hosted by Rabbi Mena Reisner.
Join us as we cross continents, sail through the centuries, tracing lives, uncovering events and following epic journeys,  to reveal the untold stories, the scandals,  and the mysteries that have impacted our history and shaped us into who we are today.
Our 100th Episode special discusses Yishamel’s 3rd power which is their veneration of martyrdom. Our spiritual antidote is Mesiras Nefesh.
Although this includes self-sacrifice and is often translated as giving up one’s life, it is actually life-giving and forms the pillar of the survival of the Jewish Nation through the ages.

For all episodes and to subscribe, please visit jle.org.uk/podcast

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    Rabbi YY on Podcast with Rabbi Mena Reisner & Rabbi Aubrey Hersh

    Rabbi YY Jacobson

    • November 14, 2023
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    • 1 Kislev 5784
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