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Broken by Galus despite Prosperity

Our Challenge Today: Not to Be Complacent. Maamar V'atah Tetzaveh 5741

1 hr 22 min

Class Summary:

When one feels pain from the lack of G-dly revelation in Galus even when seemingly he personally lacks nothing physically or spiritually, he accesses the essence of his soul even more than one who languishes in the most difficult of circumstances of mesiras nefesh. Q: But how can one cultivate such a desire to have redemption from Galus? A: He must "viyikchu ailecha", partner in the work of the Rebbe, and this raises his sensitivity towards the need for G-dliness to be revealed in the world.

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    Yossi Paltiel

    • July 8, 2014
    • |
    • 10 Tamuz 5774
    • |
    Dedicated by THE CHANIN FUND In honor of Rebbetzin Gittel bas Rivka Gansburg and Menachem Mendel ben Nechama Chanin On the occasion of their birthday on the 7th of Tammuz May they have a שנת ברכה והצלחה בגו״ר and enjoy long, happy and healthy years and glean much nachas from their children and families and give true nachas to the Rebbe

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