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Basi L'Gani 5715 -- Shiur 4

The G-d of Our Understanding; the G-d Beyond Our Understanding; and the G-d Beyond Beyond Our Understanding

1 hr 50 min

Class Summary:

This lesson explores the argument in Kabbalah if we can apply any characteristics to G-d. It dissects the views of the Rambam, Maharal, and Alter Rebbe on the subject. The map of the Divine.

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  • YK

    yitzchok kaye -9 years ago

    when the download mp3 for this and other classes (on chrome) is pressed, does not download but goes to a audio on line. Is there a way to download?

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  • RYJ

    Rabbi YY Jacobson -9 years ago

    The source for the insight about the Rambam not giving a reason for the mitzvah of Lechem Hapanim:

    I heard it many years ago from Reb Yoel Kahn shlita. He quoted it in the name of a great man, but did not tell us the source. The chemist Reb Chaim Shilt sent me today the source: The introduction to the book Beis Yaakov by Rabbi Yaakov Leiner, the son of the famed Rebbe of Ishbitz, the Mei Hasheloach, page 6 of the introduction.

    Here is the link: http://beta.hebrewbooks.org...

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