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Torah Or Chanukah Roni Vesimchi First Maamar

Between Angels & Souls: The Power of the Chanukah Flames

1 hr 15 min

Class Summary:

Between Angels & Souls. Torah Or Maamar Roni Vesimchi -- The Power of the Chanukah Flames

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  • AB

    Alisa Bell -12 years ago

    Thanks. As usual many interesting ideas, the overarching of course that it is the expression of ones identity, not the denial of, that defeats anti-semitism. But two other points that I got from this. First, where you write "Haman did not argue the case for Jewish extermination on the basis of senseless venomous passion. He presented what was to the King a sound and persuasive argument..." When genocidal "masterminds" like Haman present their pitch - whether it be Milosevic telling Serbs they are threatened by Muslims or Hutu leaders telling Rwandan's they are threatened by Tutsi or Haman/Hitler/Ahmadinejad telling people they are threatened by Jews - the "pitch" ALWAYS is in harmony with an underlying prejudice, a national myth that has already been brewing in people. Second, Esther's appeal being both human/ personal and emphasizing a cost-benefit analysis. Genocide is always planned. It is never a surprise. It begins with a choice by "rational" leaders who engage in a cost-benefit analysis. Unfortunately the international community has taught such evil people that we won't respond, that they can get away with it, that the BENEFIT to them outweighs the cost. Esther teaches us the importance of working on changing the cost-benefit calculus, sometimes with words (as worked in Kenya in 2008), sometimes with force. 

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  • BM

    Barbara Mintzer -12 years ago

    How Do We Prove That Judaism is not Racist
    Thank you for a very thoughtful and thought-provoking article. I always look forward to receiving your articles. When one appears on my e-mail, I immediately go for a cup of coffee or tea and settle in for a wonderful read. I have learned a lot from you, and am very appreciative.

    Barbara Mintzer

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  • M

    Moshe -13 years ago

    [email protected]
    Rabbi Yossi,

    Yasher Koach!

    Your shiur inspired 3 talks in shuls over Shabbos and also three textual shiurim in my workplace during Hannuka.

    Keep the good stuff coming.

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  • M

    Mendel -13 years ago

    חסידות בטהרה
    ישר כח גדול מאוד - אני נהנה מהשיעור בתורה אור של הרב פלטיאל שיחי כל שבוע מחדש

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Yossi Paltiel

  • November 30, 2010
  • |
  • 23 Kislev 5771
  • |

Dedicated by "THE CHANIN FUND", in honor of Refoel Nachman Chanin on the occasion of his birthday 24 Kislevand Yehuda Chaikel Chanin for his Upshernish 25 Kislev

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