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The Animal Soul, the Rational Soul, the Divine Soul: A Bris Maamar

Maamar Ashrei Tivchar Utekarav 5716 (1955), by the Lubavitcher Rebbe

23 min

Class Summary:

This Chabad Chassidic discourse, Ashrei Tivchar Utekarav, was delivered by the Lubavitcher Rebbe in his office in Brooklyn at a "vach nacht," to Rabbi Ephraim Eliezer Yoles, chief Rabbi of Philadelphia, on the "vach nacht," the evening before the Bris of his grsndson, 16 Cheshvan 5716 (1955). It explores the three souls within each Jew, his or her four levels of consciousness, and the parallel to the four worlds.

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  • H

    Hankster -6 years ago

    My soul your soul their soul........

    Great class, now can you send me the English version source sheets.. I'll be waiting...23 Oct 17.  [email protected] Shalom Shalom Shavua Tov

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    • Anonymous -6 years ago

      We only have the Hebrew source sheets. We are sorry.

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Rabbi YY Jacobson

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In loving memory of Reb Peretz ben Reb Yehoshua Hecht, dedicated by his daughter Rebbetzion Rochelle Kaplan

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