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Is Religion about Surrender or Self-Expression?

The Split Between Yehuda & Yosef Throughout History

2 hr 13 min

Class Summary:

Two Roads Diverged in the Woods of History: The Path of Enlightenment & the Path of Surrender. Which One Will Triumph?

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  • T

    Terry -6 years ago

    Is religion about surrender or self expression

    Wow...this reaching reminded me that many years ago a woman in another religious tradition wrote that in order to give one's ego to God one needed to have an ego...sadly I don't think that that particular tradition has understood this yet.

    This is such an incredible teaching...about the harmony that exists between the material world and the spiritual...and the relationship between us and God...and what it really means on a very deep level to desire to do God's will.

    Thank you.



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  • M

    Michael -6 years ago


    This shiur was an eye opener for me.
    Being bipolar means struggling to find a balance between the deep lows and manic highs
    When mania kicks in creativity is at its peak which is the בחינה of יוסף
    When you're low, down, depressed, surrendered you're in the בחינה of יהודה. 
    The fact that this conflict remains unresolved and we're still in גלות is painful 

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  • Anonymous -6 years ago

    lo boino (being in Gan Eden)

    First of all beautiful Shiur... shcoach

    second just to point out

    To Erovom being in Gan Eden just as painful as being in Gehenem. In Gehenem Hashem mevatel u. And now that Hashem confirmed to Erovom that he needs Bitul in Gan Eden also... He was expecting enjoyment..... so he said " Lo boino"


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  • AS

    Aharon Subar -8 years ago

    When Yehuda challenged Yosef in Parshas Vayigash, wasn't he employing the opposite of submission and surrender? Was that not out of character for him?

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    • RYJ

      Rabbi YY Jacobson -8 years ago

      To the contrary, submission to something beyond you empowers you. The sense of duty and responsibility allow you to go beyond yourself, representing that which you stand for. The true king is the most humble person, as the Gemarah says in Berachos 34 and Horayos 10. Cf. Rambam Melachim ch. 6

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Rabbi YY Jacobson

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